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Charlie Crist vulnerabilities are fueling speculation over Nelson running for governo

From @AdamSmithTimes

Major Democratic financial backers, including trial lawyers and teachers, are gushing about Charlie Crist and his prospects for 2014. Crist has not announced plans to run for governor again, but polls show him trouncing Republican Gov. Rick Scott by double digits.

The lifelong Republican-turned-Democrat at this point looks like he could grab the Democratic nomination without even a serious challenge. But oh-so-quietly, veteran Democratic fundraisers and strategists across Florida worry about another scenario: a Charlie Crist train wreck that would ensure a second term for one of America's most vulnerable Republican governors.

The wariness and even downright hostility to Crist's candidacy are part of what's fueling speculation about Sen. Bill Nelson entering the race. Story here. 



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Dems would be foolish to nominate Charlie Crist, Florida's number 1 ambulance chaser. There are many potential candidates who actually have core principles. Charlie doesn't.


I voted for Rick Scott once and not getting fooled again. I'll vote for any person over Scott. Charlie Crist is not perfect but I can deal with having him as governor again.

No More Rick Scott

Scott's prestigious empire all came a-tumbling down when, on March 19, 1997, FBI agents, in conjunction with the Internal Revenue Service, the Health and Human Services (which oversees Medicare), and the Defense Department's Criminal Investigation Service raided Columbia/HCA facilities in El Paso, Texas. Eventually the seizure of documents regarding the case would expand across the country. At issue were allegations that Columbia/HCA had knowingly bilked Medicare and Medicaid.

In fact, according to the Justice Department, ten different kinds of fraud were charged and were filed in five different federal courts in four different states. The search warrants also included dozens of doctors with suspected connections to the alleged fraud.
Incidentally the reason why the Defense Department was involved in this investigation is because Columbia/HCA, through TriCare, managed the healthcare needs of veterans. So we can add the enlisted to the list of victims.

At the time, California Rep. Pete Stark, known for his stand on healthcare issues, expressed the hope that Columbia/HCA executives "will all be in jail soon." He had repeatedly urged that the company's practices be investigated.

By July of 1997, Rick Scott, president and CEO of the company, had been forced to resign. (Scott's website seems fond of the phrase "parted ways" like lonesome cowboys on the wide prairie).


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