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UPDATED: Did Rep. Marti Coley vote for other members?

Rep. Marti Coley, R-Marianna, is considered one of the nicest members of the Florida House. So it may have been out of sheer southern courtesy that she pressed the buttons of other members during Thursday's floor session.

But it raises some questions: Were those members on the floor? Did she have their permission?

Visitors in the gallery watched Coley and wondered.


Here is the House rule:

Florida House Rules 9.5 forbid any member from voting for another unless they have that member's permission.

9.5—No Member to Vote for Another Except by Request and Direction (a) No member may vote for another member except at the other member's specific request and direction. No member may vote for another member who is absent from the Chamber, nor may any person who is not a member cast a vote for a member. (b) In no case shall a member vote for another on a quorum call. (c) Any member who votes or attempts to vote for another member in violation of this rule or who requests another member to vote for the requesting member in violation of this rule may be disciplined in such a manner as the House may deem proper. (d) Any person who is not a member and who votes in the place of a member shall be subject to such discipline as the House may deem proper.

UPDATE: Coley said she had permission to cast votes for other members of the House Thursday.

"During session today, I voted for Representatives Gonzalez, O’Toole and Patronis while they were away from their desks," she wrote in a statement. "In accordance with House Rules, each member gave me permission and specific direction to vote on their behalf."