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Dolphins give Miami-Dade $4,784,337 check to pay for stadium referendum

Dolphins Check@PatriciaMazzei

Miami Dolphins CEO Mike Dee hand-delivered a check Friday to Miami-Dade County to cover the costs of holding a special May 14 election to ask voters to subsidize part of a $350 million renovation to Sun Life Stadium.

Total: $4,784,337. (It's the single largest check the Dolphins or the stadium has ever written, according to a team spokesman.)

The money is non-refundable -- even if Florida lawmakers fail to approve Dolphins-backed legislation by the end of the annual session on May 3, forcing the referendum to be canceled.

Miami-Dade needs prior state approval to raise the hotel-tax rate to 7 percent from 6 percent to help fund the renovation. The Dolphins, who officially launched their political campaign Thursday, have also asked for an additional $3 million state sales-tax subsidy.

Hand-written on the check's memo field is "TO KEEP MIAMI FIRST" -- the Dolphins' campaign slogan. 

Photo courtesy of Miami-Dade County


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A great deal perhaps, but it would be a shame to come this far and be killed in Tallahassee. Which could happen if big money braman has anything to say about it. Should be interesting...


Just make that check payable to me instead. It will also help the local economy as I will spend most of it fast!

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