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Energy mogul T. Boone Pickens name-checks Miami-Dade school board, Super. Allberto Carvalho over natural-gas buses


One-time oil-man turned into all-things-energy man T. Boone Pickens name-checked Miami-Dade's school board and its superintendent for discussing whether to power school buses in the district (Florida's largest) with natural gas.

Pickens is bullish on natural gas and appears to be an investor. Pickens makes it sound as if the board acted, but right now it just approved a study to evaluate the benefits of using compressed natural gas in school buses.

Here's the video and transcript

"I'm Boone Pickens and I’ve worked hard for a number of years to get our country, the United States, of off OPEC oil. And I’ve gotten more help from our states and counties than I have from the federal government in Washington.

"But we’re all getting to the same place.

"And the way we get there is leadership.

"And Superintendent Carvalho and the Miami-Dade County school board has come to the conclusion that they want to use domestic natural gas in the school buses. Which is good. It’s 30 percent cleaner than diesel. And it’s cheaper. It’s abundant. It’s ours, American. And it’s not OPEC oil.

"Hats off to the Miami-Dade County board and to Superintendent Carvalho."


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Rumor has it Miami-Dade is in talks with the Texas government for a how-to guide to secede from Florida.


Pickens stands to personally make mega billions if he can get local and federal agencies to fund his natural gas projects.

Consider . . . In November 2008, California voters rejected a referendum by a 60% to 40% margin regarding natural gas. Pickens owns Clean Energy Fuels Corporation, a natural gas fueling station company[31] that was the primary backer of the November 2008 Proposition 10 on California's ballot.

Much of the measure's sale of $5 billion in general fund bonds to provide alternative energy rebates and incentives ($9.8 billion after interest) would have benefitted Pickens' company to the exclusion of almost all other clean-vehicle fuels and technology.[32]

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