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Florida immigrant advocacy group join hundreds pressing Congress on immigration overhaul bill

The Senate immigration bill, which is expected to introduce as early as Tuesday, is drawing lots of attention.

Consider the Senate letter penned by 267 national, state and local religous, immigrant and labor organizations from 38 states, including Florida. They are pressing lawmakers to make sure that the "path to citizenship" undocumented immigrants must travel be "direct, inclusive and accessible."

Signers on the letter include Scott Reed, PICO National Network, Deepak Bhargava, Center for Community Change, Cristina Jimenez, United We Dream, Mary Kay Henry, SEIU, and Richard Trumka, AFL-CIO.

The Florida groups signing the letter are Americans for Immigrant Justice (formerly Florida Immigrant Advocacy Center, Miami); South Florida Jobs with Justice, Miami; PICO United Florida, Orlando, FL; FOCUS-PICO, Orlando, FL



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Jose C.

Everyone talks about immigration in Florida except Governor Rick Scott. The only plan he had was the racist Arizona law here in Florida. I don't think he likes Hispanics and we can tell.

Anushka Vishnu

No matter what who says, CIR will happen this year;
if it does not, the country will go down faster;
if we are stupid enough not to see,
that does not mean it will not be.

Thank God we have people like the ones in the
gang of eight and other gr8 leaders who are
giving the due importance and attention to it
and trying to solve it.

May prayers are with them.

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