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Gov. Rick Scott prefers Negron Medicaid expansion alternative over Corcoran's

Gov. Rick Scott said he continues to back Senate plan that would allow Florida to draw down $55 billion in federal funds over the House proposal unveiled today, which doesn't qualify for the federal dollars.

The House plan would allow disabled adults and parents to purchase bare-bones policies using a $2,000 annual state subsidy. But it is Sen. Joe Negron's plan, which draws down federal dollars to provide low-cost insurance to all Floridians who meet income standards, that has Scott's support.

Scott announced his support for Medicaid expansion in February, saying the state should draw down the federal dollars in order to reduce the number of uninsured.

The governor released the following statement:

"Our challenge in healthcare is to best protect both the uninsured and the taxpayers in our state as we work to lower cost, expand access, and improve the quality of healthcare. The Legislature now has two different plans before them regarding the future of our healthcare system.

The House’s plan will cost Florida taxpayers on top of what they are already taxed under the President’s new healthcare law. This would be a double-hit to state taxpayers. The Senate’s plan will provide healthcare services to thousands of uninsured Floridians while the program is 100 percent federally funded.

As it stands today, the Senate’s plan is in line with what I said I would support because it protects both state taxpayers and the uninsured in our state. I look forward to continuing to work with both the House and the Senate as they discuss ways we can improve our healthcare system.”