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Gov. Rick Scott visits Florida Holocaust Museum

Florida Gov. Rick Scott on Sunday toured the Florida Holocaust Museum to mark the beginning of the national Days of Remembrance annual commemoration.

"It's a wonderful museum," Scott said after visiting the St. Petersburg center that honors the memory of millions of people who suffered or died in the Holocaust. "You get to learn about history, but the most important thing is you learn is you don't ever want it to happen again."

The Days of Remembrance, an annual commemoration designated by Congress, is observed this year for a week that began Sunday.

In a room designed as a replica of the Western Wall in Jerusalem, the Gov. Scott wrote a message on a slip of paper and tucked it into a crevice in the wall.

Asked about it after his tour, Scott said he wrote the same note as he did in 2011 when he visited Israel.

The message was too personal to reveal, he said.

-- Tampa Bay Times staff writer Anna M. Phillips


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Scott is full of it. He will be a one-term governor.

John C.

He should address the immigration problems in Florida and not dodge it.

Maureen Golden

Yes, he should address the immigration problem and leave the small gambling arcades alone. These arcades are my social life. I do not drink, go out for dinner but I love the arcades. I spend 9 months here and love it in Cape Coral, but I would really move to Arizona if the arcade game places are shut down.

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