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Marco Rubio's claims on Che Guevara and amnesty

From PolitiFact

If you look at any major Washington issue lately, it seems Florida Sen. Marco Rubio is never far from the action.

The Republican Party star appeared on seven Sunday talk shows in a single day this week. He’s at the forefront of the immigration debate. He has weighed in on gun issues. And when pop stars Beyonce and Jay-Z traveled to Cuba recently, Rubio had something to say about that, too.

PolitiFact checked out a couple of his recent statements.

In promoting the new bipartisan immigration bill, Rubio told Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace that it’s "not amnesty." We talked to experts and concluded that while Rubio is correct that the proposal doesn’t grant across-the-board legal status to people in the United States illegally, it does allow them to remain in the country while working toward a green card. We rated the statement Half True.

On ABC’s This Week, Rubio had some criticism for rapper Jay-Z.

"One of his heroes is Ché Guevara. Ché Guevara was a racist. Ché Guevara was a racist that wrote extensively about the superiority of white Europeans over people of African descent. So he should inform himself on the guy that he's propping up."

As a young man, Guevara wrote in his travel journal, The Motorcycle Diaries, that black people he encountered in South America were "indolent," another word for lazy. But Rubio’s statement suggested that Guevara wrote much more about the superiority of white Europeans over blacks than he really did, experts told us. And later in his life, Guevara espoused support for racial equality. Our rating: Mostly False.


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M.A. Salfinger

Che Guevara is my hero. Marco Rubio is not.


Rick Scott is the reincarnation of Che Guevara, except Scott is bald and has goggly eyes.

Ito Bendito

If Marco Rubio could govern like Fidel Castro, he would. Birds of a feather those two.

selena marquez

Che Guevara was not a racist. He fought in the Congo for black people, he defended the rights of black people in Cuba and counted Cuban blacks amonst his bezt friends and comrades. You are basing this on something he wrote when he was 24 and had never seen blackmpeople before. He made up for his igmorance bynhis actions in servicemof humanity. you do everything you can to demonize Che yet the world still loves him.

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