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Medical marijuana? Nah. Florida Legislature opts for bong-ban instead


Despair, oh head-shop owners and stoners. Or get ready to go to court. Or get ready to smoke your stash out of an apple.

With a big vote in the Florida Senate on Friday, the Florida Legislature has banned the sale of various pipes, hookahs and bongs to crack down on marijuana use.

Gov. Rick Scott will likely sign House Bill 49, which passed the Senate by a 31-2 vote. The bill passed in the House on Wednesday by a vote of 112-3.

State law currently allows certain retailers to sell the pipes. Any sale of marijuana pipes would be a first-degree misdemeanor if the bill becomes law. Second and subsequent violations would jump to a third-degree felony.

Supporters say the bill sends a message against illegal drug use by making the pipes inaccessible at stores that often are close to schools.

Sen. Jeff Clemens, D-Lake Worth, voted against the bill. He argued that marijuana isn't a dangerous drug and should be allowed under strict regulation.

Clemens supported a medical-marijuana bill that never got a hearing in the Legislature this year or last. The measure could still end up before voters. Influential trial lawyer John Morgan, a major donor to President Obama and the boss of former Gov. Charlie Crist, is leading up a citizens' ballot initiative. About 7 in 10 voters favor the proposal, according to the most-recent polling.

Users of synthetic marijuana and stimulants could find them harder to come by under another drug bill that Scott this week signed into law.

The Associated Press contributed to this blog

Another drug-related bill, which would allow heroin addicts to exchange their needles to reduce the spread of disease, also appears in jeopardy.

But if your drug is wine, you're in luck.

The Florida Senate on Thursday sent Scott a measure allowing for wine-keg sales.


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RS Feed

Stupid beyond measure. Let's outlaw fingers, they can be used to hold a joint.


Rick Scott is going to pay for this at the ballot. Tea partiers don't care, Libertarians are pro-weed, Democrats also. Can't wait to see this clown lose.

Pink Slip Rick

The nut we have for governor boasts that he was a hard working businessman. Does anyone realize that he made his money through a company who stole from the elderly a veterans health benefits? the media needs to hold his feet to the fire.

Tea Party Patriot

This from a governor who derided his 2010 Democratic opponent as an “Obama liberal” – over and over again.

Read more: http://www.politico.com/story/2013/04/rick-scott-obama-ties-dc-90690.html#ixzz2RbgrHX5q

Henry Harrison

This law is so painfully, brutally, incomprehensibly idiotic, the only place it could possibly make sense is inside the Capitol.

GOP Dick

GOP Chairman Lenny Curry is trying to help the poor, the gay, the blacks, the cubans, the puertoricans, and all other problems in Florida.

Dave K, Phoenix, AZ

When legislators like this show barbaric and blatant intolerance for those who choose to be treated by a natural herbal medicine that really does work they are not making the points with the voters. Do they really expect to win more elections by demonstrating their intolerance toward those with medical problems?


I think this is crap to go after bongs in Florida! Smoking 30 years. why should it matter where i live to smoke (NOT FAIR). I am a taxpayer and should be able to make the choice for myself to smoke free. More Taxes in one year then the Lottery makes in five!! Thanks stuck up Florida !!

Sherlock Canthunt

"When BONGS are outlawed only OUTLAWS will Own BONGS" beyond stupid. Who is funding enforcing the law? I'll be first in line demanding a jury trial and court appointed attorney. I'll make sure I drag Rick through the muck. Drats, the squirrels an nuts are taking over.

Sherlock Canthunt

How wonderful spring breakers will be able to buy GUNS easier than buying a BONG on spring break. Didn't you guys learn anything when you closed the head shops in Panama City and most of the spring breakers went to South Padre Island or Mexico spring break? ditto for Daytona Beach?

Sherlock Canthunt

So much for Republican proposed health care options. Arizona is looking pretty sunny and senior friendly to me right about now. FACT - all HEAD SHOPS require its customers tombe 18 years of age and you I.D.

So Rick is willing to let our youngest and best fight and die in rhe wars in the middle east but wants to protect them from hurting themself if they choose to buy a BONG to make the horrors and nightmares disappear?

Sounds to me like we need protection from the war our own government is waging on our sick and our elderly.

Sherlock Canthunt

I am sixty years old and suffer from Chron's disease. At some point in time its not my BONG that will kill me but my CHRON's that will. It is none of RICK'S business what chronically ill Americans do in the privacy of their own homes as we struggle to stay alive. This isn't about getting high. It is about wanting to be able to feel normal and function doing life's little things like putting my socks on.

Sherlock Canthunt

So RICK - you don't believe our elderly are entitled to "Life, liberty and pursuit of happiness"? Or is the republican version of happiness a bottle of wine and a warm spot sleeping under a bridge?

Sherlock Canthunt

Follow us on twitter at @by20hounds or on our blog by googling "Drats No Kill" where we will address health care options for our elderly. Thank the lord we still have the first amendment. Well, except in Broward County where a local judge is trying to silence Drats right to speak freely as well. Read our blog Drats VS No Kill Nation - you won't be amused.

Brave soldiers fight and die to protect a free society. Drats would NEVER dishonor their by cowering to threats demanding silence on political issues.

That is third world thinking.


70% of floridians are for medical cannabis!!! How could that 70 percent be against pipes?? Get your numbers right!!!


400,000 Americans die from cigarettes yearly, thousands from pharmaceutical drugs, drinking and other street drugs! Yet they're going to sit here and focus on a medicinal plant?! In which a single soul on this planet has yet to die from?? What about Cathy Jordan? So you basically turned a self medicated patient into a hardened criminal? This is a sick flip flopping world that we live in!! Take my bong and ill leave this state!!




It's not about being a liberal, republican or democrat! It's about a choice you make as a free American


like most Catholics i use wine
as a recreational stimulant
cause we operate as a group. marijuana smokers on the other hand, come from a variety of groups

S.  Billinghuhst

The judge in this case is from the South where they like to murder people and say that God struck them down.
I hear that someone wants to send a MESSAGE to the USE, but you lied there. Messages can go to YOUTH, the massage is to the out-of-sight, out-of-mind, BURN THEM IN FIRE attitudes of American imprisonment, "Culture".

You will never be allowed to "send a message", or murder a of us to impress the rest, Killa.

Yours is the one which needs a message in the worst way.

The white shark

What the heck Rick Scott was pro weed the other day and charlie was against it and now they both changed sides these politicians I tell u,, there all fake legalize already before we drop the prices on the streets and we screw you back ass!!


The legislature in its current form in Tallahassee is a complete embarrassment. They are completely out of touch with the voters in this state. I cannot wait to vote these idiots out.

Ray DiPasquale

Florida has no social conscience only a corporate conscience.


in this day in age is simple.Vote! It got Obama back in?! We need to see to it that politicians are asked today their stance towards marijuana before we vote, especially post Colorado and Washington changes.

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