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Miami code enforcement to nuns: Stop feeding the poor

From the annals of Why People Hate Code Enforcement comes this from El Nuevo Herald's @danielshoerroth:

Thirty-three years ago, Mother Teresa of Calcutta came to Miami to put her merciful motto of love into action: “To serve the poorest of the poor.”

Since then, each morning a group of sisters of the congregation of the Missionaries of Charity, donning their distinctive white blue-bordered saris, passes through the gates of their beloved Overtown convent — where they live without air conditioning, washing machines or television — and cross the street to enter the world of the poor: a soup kitchen founded by Mother Teresa.

On a recent morning, following the Liturgy of the Hours prayer inside a tiny chapel with the image of Our Lady of Fatima, the sisters, accustomed to listening to candid words from grateful men, woman and children, found a notice of violation with a potential property lien from a City of Miami Code Enforcement inspector posted on an electrical pole.

Apparently the sisters had never obtained a permit for feeding — for free and without using public funds — hundreds of homeless who see in their eyes the universal symbol of compassion and dignity represented by Mother Teresa.

“What kind of violation are we doing?” asked convent superior Lima Marie. “Taking care of the homeless and feeding them is a violation?”

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Read more here: http://www.miamiherald.com/2013/04/03/3321912/mother-teresas-miami-soup-kitchen.html#storylink=misearch#storylink=cpy


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This is the "anarchy of power" - the inspector should have had the intelligence to send a question to department superiors, and they should have sought a variance of sorts from the Commission (long ago) to avoid this rather inane action.
What does this say about the "Code Engorcement" people. Are they really qualified and intelligent enough to be trusted to perform their assigned tasks? Are they "Robots"?
Sounds like Nazi Gernmany to me.


incredible , what we need is more sisters like mother theresa ,and less goverment lacking common sense


All of the budget cuts and public sector bashing that drives good people with common sense from government results in this type of by the book, no problem solving abiltiy, low paid employee. It seems we get what we pay for.


Don't just blog, write the City of Miami, which has NEVER cared for the homeless. Don't believe me? Take a drive by the Administration Building (444 SW 2nd Street, 33130). Go under the bridges, drive through SW 3rd. In fact, just go to the Admin Building and walk on their property under the bridge (about 80 feet from the building). The homeless are there. They would even harass church groups who were feeding the poor under the interstate. Try writing:
Mayor Tomás Regalado

Francis Suarez (Commissioner and Mayor-to-be)

Jessica Angel-Capo (Code Compliance Department Director)

Laughable is that the even have a Homeless Department (I'm not sure what it's called but is not even listed in the City Organization link off the main page (www.miamigov.com).


As it turns out the sisters DID obtain OFFICIAL permission, most likely receiving a permit all the way back in 1982. Apparently the reason no one in the mayor's office knew this is because they can't believe any one group of people would actually do something this kind and good for this long without numerous photo ops for publicity. The worst of this is however is that ALL of this mess started because neighbors of the mission have been complaining about the lines of, get this folks, HUNGRY people waiting in line for the mission to open in the morning. You see, they don't like seeing the poor right there in front of their faces to remind me of their Christian duty and the fact they probably hoard and waste more money in a week than most of those people see in a lifetime. After all, we CAN'T have the poor and hungry visible for people to see, they should be hidden away, kept out of sight of tourists. I don't know who's worse here, the neighbors for their complaining and their snobbiesh attitudes or the city officials for their incompetent office and not knowing this organization DID have permission and were also "ashamed" of the poor waiting in line. The whole bunch of them should spend time actually helping the sisters feed these people. Once you spend time doing this you can NOT be the same person. If you are then your heart is made of stone and is dead. I spent a Thanksgiving serving meals at our area Salvation Army to people who had no other place to go for the holiday meal, poor families, homeless men and anyone else who just wanted to be there. It was one of THE most rewarding experiences of my life. I've rarely met such kind, grateful, warm people anywhere I've gone. Miami - much of the rest of the nation is ashamed of you right now!


It's a tough subject but in countries where humanitarian efforts have led to feeding starving populations and free immunizations has often led to population explosions that are simply unsustainable. This ultimately ends in creating an environment that leads to more people starving and more disease becuase the population becomes dependent on resources that are not always there. In the end we may be better off just letting nature take it's course, but I'll never be able to do that myself.


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