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NFL commissioner 'can't guarantee' Miami a Super Bowl in return for tax-stadium deal


Here’s a brief Q-and-A with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, who was whisked away by a handler when the questions got pointed about a tax-subsidy deal for the Miami Dolphins.

Goodell: “The deal that’s been constructed here is very intelligent, and I wanted to just demonstrate my support.”

Q Will this help get a Super Bowl

A: “Yes. When you have a better facility, that’s an important element of any application. And having the best facility is going to improve the chances.”

Q: What do you think of the argument that this is corporate welfare?

A: “I don’t agree with that. This deal is structured in such a way as to create investment in communities and create additional revenue going forward. I think that’s a very positive thing. I think this a very intelligently structured deal.”

Q: So if this deal goes through, Miami gets another Super Bowl?

A: “That’s a vote by the 32 owners. The owners are the ones that vote on that…. When you’re making an application, a stadium’s a big component of that. That’s a very important element of that. And this is going to clearly improve that application, which improves the chances dramatically.”

Q So no guarantees?

A: “I don’t make the votes, so I can’t guarantee on something I…..”

Handler: “Thank you very much.”