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Parents push for 'EpiPen' legislation

Tom Bohacek has an EpiPen at his Tampa preschool in case he accidentally eats a peanut product.

Not all Florida children are that lucky.

Thousands of kids with undiagnosed allergies to food and insect bites aren’t able to get a critical epinephrine injection if they have an allergic reaction at school. That’s because state law forbids school nurses from giving the injections to students who don’t have a prescription.

Florida parents are hoping the Legislature will pass a proposal allowing schools to have their own a supply of epinephrine injectors. School employees would be trained to recognize the symptoms of anaphylaxis and administer the shots when necessary, regardless of whether the child has already been diagnosed.

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R. Berthaut

Another unwonted and unwarranted responsibility that may lead to foreseeable lawsuits against the public schools. Not only do lawmakers want school employees to be armed security guards, but medics as well. Can we spell malpractice?

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