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President Obama jokes about Sen. Marco Rubio at White House Correspondents Dinner

In speaking about Sen. Marco Rubio and the 2016 presidential race, President Obama quipped: "The guy has not finished a single term in the Senate and he thinks he's ready to be president. Kids these days!"

Later, the state of Florida was the subject of a joke by Conan O'Brien, who compared the Sunshine State to North Korea.

"Kim Jong-un doesn’t understand we already have an unstable peninsula that will take down America – Florida," cracked O'Brien.



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Tony Deisla

Lol, look whose talking? How many terms did YOU complete Mr. Obama? I think the current state of affairs and the fact that Obama cant govern and that congress makes a fool of him over and over states that.


That's why he was joking you moron


Ha ha ha, neither one is qualified, ha ha ha.
The country is run by political whim, not by law, ha ha ha.

joe blow

they don't call it FloriDUH for nothing folks!
and as far as Little Marco Rubio, he couldn't govern himself out of Hialeah City Council.
the guy is a joke.
give him some more bananas!

Fall Sapphire

Dear Lord. Nothing's changed. I suppose irony still defeats South FL

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