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Prison company withdraws offer to name FAU stadium

A private company that operates prisons in Florida won't be putting it's name on Florida Atlantic University's football stadium after all, the Sun-Sentinel reports.

The GEO Group has withdrawn its offer to pay the school $6 million for 12 years of stadium naming rights, citing the ongoing protests and criticism of the deal. Students and other activists had criticized the deal and accused the private company of human rights violations at facilities in Florida.

The Sun-Sentinel reports that the GEO Group will instead donate $500,000 to FAU.

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So the activist kids at this school should be proud that they have managed to stop much larger contribution coming to the school from this company?

Well, bless their hearts ... but three years from now, I don't want to hear these same students kvetching about not having enough taxpayer dollars to fund various educational missions of the school.

Because the answer to their kvetching will be ... why don't ya'll ask the Teamsters or the PBA or some other related union workers group to donate the cash that this private company wanted to.

Geoffrey MAson

What? You mean that this was a payment for naming the stadium quid pro quo for money?! I thought that this money was just a generous gift from a grateful alumnus??


To whasu[ Your talk sound like a disgruntled GEO Group manager or some one that stood to make money from this deal. The school exists for the education of students, not as a Billboard for Free Enterprise, especially a prison management company. The reason the public coffers are empty is because of mismanagement by those we elected and placed our trust in. Look at the waste spent by these cities, and the huge underfunded pension plans----------thats the doing of the public servants, not students. One need only look to the Moron the people elected as their president for an education in how to waste trillions of tax dollars.

jim terwiliger

The CEO's of these companies should be stripped of citizenship and sent to North Korea


Yes, I can see how proud a schoolwould be naming it's stadium; after a private firm that runs prisons. "If" this corporation wasn't so laden with serious problems like "Human " Rights violations, not having proper medical staff on hand, and food not fit for human consumption; I'd take the mney. "NOOOOOW; if this company really wanted to show "support" they'd give that money with "no" strings attached. They could still write it off as a gift, expense, as charitable; but it appears they are not. Hmmmmm, W.W.J.D.?

Little Big Town

Bottom line: The AD has had this video since November and hasn't done anything except a 3 game suspension yet. If he fires him now, it's purely to placate the media. The true colors of the AD and of Rutgers Athletics have already been shown. A pressured after-the-fact firing (which will happen) won't change my opinion of the AD or Rutgers Athletics one bi

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