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Reuters: Jay-Z, Beyonce Cuba trip was "fully licensed." But questions remain


UPDATE: Click here for a fuller explanation of Jay-Z, Beyonce, Cuba and U.S. sanctions

Pop star Jay-Z and Beyonce's fifth wedding anniversary trip to Cuba was "fully licensed" and therefore was legal, a source told Reuters.

But beyond that, it's unclear just what kind of permission they got.

And Miami's Republican U.S. representatives, Mario Diaz-Balart and Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, say they want to know more about the case. On Friday, they openly called for details of the trip by the R&B stars who happen to also be big-time backers of President Obama.

Many celebrities have visited Cuba, but this trip drew more attention because it was billed in the press as a purely tourism-driven trip, said Diaz-Balart, and that's not legal.

Under federal law, American citizens traveling to Cuba generally need United States Treasury Department permission to spend U.S. currency on the communist island because U.S. money is technically property of the federal government. Licenses are often granted for journalistic, academic, religious, academic or cultural reasons.

Assuming the performers were given a license on cultural grounds, did their mothers, body guards and other members of their retinue receive a license to travel to Cuba? Also, the performers stayed at a hotel reportedly costing $149 a night. And under many licensing arrangements, we're told, many U.S. citizens are limited to spending about $140 daily. Did this apply to Jay-Bey?

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Egg on Face

Moot point.


Please before you lazy reporters post articles do your research, they were given a cultural license to visit. Geesh.

M.A. Salfinger

I am sick and tired of Cubans complaining about everything. The Embargo NEVER worked. Let's normalize relations with Cuba.

Richard Cheeseman

This whole witch hunt is an instructive example of how freedom is practised in the land of the free.

Let the Cubans (who, unlike US citizens, ARE allowed to travel overseas to any country they choose) take note.

Noel Richards

Hit Jay Z and Beyoncé where it really hurts them - in their pockets. It is disgraceful that two notables in entertainment like them have gone off to a repressed country for photo ops, attention and money.

Yes, money. Looks like Jay Z went to try and hook up with Cuban baseball players for his management group and Beyoncé went to look at Cuban dancers and copy their moves - probably without paying them zilch.

Jay Z and Beyoncé have become even more arrogant than usual since they gave the President money for his re-election. They are using the presidency for attention and the benefits that flow from it.

I'm sure those two entertainers thirsty for money and attention didn't meet the poorest black people in Cuba and the activists of all backgrounds who've been beaten up by Castro's goons for printing free newspapers or wanting to express themselves freely.

Many of us are with the exiled Cuban community on this.
Sadly too many African Americans are on the Carters' side, they're blinded by the money and bullsh###. They know nothing of the real Cuba.

Jay Z and Beyoncé would dance on corpses if they could attention and money from it - actually they literally were stepping on ground soaked with the blood of generations of Cubans who wanted freedom.

BOYCOTT Jay Z and Beyoncé, pressure anything and anybody connected with them in Miami, make sure they get no money from us while they are happy to approve the Castro dictatorship with their presence.

President Obama has made a big mistake with this by apparently getting those two off the hook with so called permission from the US Treasury.

Cubans Stand Up! Make the arrogant Jay Z and Beyoncé know they have done an immoral, self serving action.

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