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Rick Scott's cash-hauling binge, $4.6m in 3 months, is just a warm-up


Remember when we first told you that Rick Scott and Republicans are ready to spend "as much or more" than $100 million on his election? Consider this:

TALLAHASSEE -- Gov. Rick Scott’s poll numbers remain stubbornly low, but by another measure he looks much stronger: raising money for his re-election campaign.

Scott’s political machine Let’s Get to Work raised a whopping $4.6 million in the first three months of 2013, raking in cash at the rate of $50,000 every day while chasing a goal of up to $100 million to fund his 2014 re-election campaign.

It’s an unheard of sum even in Florida politics, where money has always been critical.

Individual checks of $10,000 or more flood Scott’s campaign daily, many from businesses and individuals with a heavy stake in legislation, from Blue Cross Blue Shield to U.S. Sugar to an array of law firms with rosters of lobbying clients at the Capitol.

Pinellas County moneyman Bill Edwards stroked Scott a $500,000 check last week.

And while lawmakers are not allowed to accept donations during session because of the appearance of a crass quid pro quo, no such rule limits a governor’s ability to raise money, even though Scott’s veto pen makes him the final gatekeeper on all legislative decisions.

more here from Steve Bousquet

Read more here: http://www.miamiherald.com/2013/04/03/3321248/gov-rick-scott-raising-big-bucks.html#storylink=cpy


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James II

I will be boycotting any company that provides this criminal with campaign money so he can further pillage the people of Florida.

Jon Reeder

Scott just trying to buy another election. Romney tried and failed and Scott will fail also! He is probably the most despised governor in the US.

John C.

As a Republican grassroots member, I will vote for anyone other than Rick Scott. He can raise millions but it won't change the fact that he abandoned us.

Bob R.

10 Reasons to vote Scott out.
10. Rick Scott Refused High-Speed Rail.
Have you ever sat in killer traffic in Orlando? You can thank Gov. Scott for that. Scott turned down $2.4 billion to build a high-speed rail system that would have not only improved Florida’s infrastructure, but created thousands of jobs.

9. Rick Scott Slashed Over $1 Billion in Education Funding. This Governor has led an all out assault on Florida's schools. Scott slashed over a billion dollars in education funding so that he could give millions in tax breaks to big corporations. Scott has also cut millions from Florida's universities and colleges: causing tuition to spike for students while cutting Bright Futures scholarships for middle class families.

8. Rick Scott Spent Millions of our Tax Dollars on Incentives for Companies that Never Created Jobs

Scott’s agency has given millions in taxpayer money to many corporations and they admitted they can’t even prove the companies are creating jobs in Florida. What’s worse? Scott’s asked for millions more in funding for his failed program.

7. Rick Scott Slashed Environmental Protections
Scott cut penalties for polluters, decreased pollution enforcement and abandoned long-standing planning and growth practices. He chopped $700 million in funds for local water management districts, the bodies charged with protecting water quality in areas such as Tampa Bay and the Everglades.

6. Rick Scott Opposes Equality.Governor Scott has been openly opposed to equality for all Floridians from adoption by same-sex couples to equality for civil unions and marriage.

5. Rick Scott Cut Jobless Benefits While Handing out Corporate Tax Breaks While Florida families struggled to make ends meet, Scott slashed unemployment benefits (already the lowest in the nation) and shifted the “savings” to corporations by cutting corporate income tax and the business unemployment tax.

4. Rick Scott Oversaw the Purge of Legal Voters
When he wasn’t making it harder for people to vote, Scott purged thousands of legal voters from the rolls – even those with previous voting records.

3. Rick Scott Doesn’t Stand for Florida’s Women
Rick Scott and the GOP Legislature have sought to limit Florida women's access to healthcare. And to add insult to injury, Scott vetoed $1.5 million in rape crisis funding during Sexual Assault Awareness Month.

2. Rick Scott Has Long Waged a War on Affordable Healthcare Scott has spent millions of his own money and the state’s money blocking affordable health care – all while the Governor himself enjoys cheap, affordable government funded care. Ouch.

1. Scott is Responsible for FL’s Elections Debacle in 2012 Scott signed the voter suppression bill, which among other things, slashed early voting resulting in lines of 6 and even 7 hour waits in 2012. Scott also refused calls to extend early voting hours – even in the wake of long lines.

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