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Ring's plan to consolidate data and create technology agency clears Senate

Sen. Jeremy Ring won a long-sought goal on Wednesday with the passage of SB 1762 which creates the Department of State Technology.

Ring, a former executive with, does not have kind things to say about the state’s of Florida’s haphazard and disjointed management of its technology resources and systems.

The newly-created agency would be a department under the governor and replaces the now-defunct Agency for Enterprise Information Technology. It will have a budget of $4.9 million under the bill, 24 positions with a salary rate of $2 million. Mich of the money will come from the technology and telecommunications functions of the Department of Management Services which will be transferred to the new agency.

The agency will then coordinate a comprehensive data-sharing consolidation throughout many – but not all agencies. The plan phases in a series of requirements over three years. Exempt from the data consolidation are law enforcement, lottery, legal affairs, financial services and housing finance agencies and departments.