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Scott remains unwilling to embrace campaign contribution increase

Gov. Rick Scott said Wednesday that the campaign finance bill moving through the House and Senate today may not be one that he can support.

"I continue to say this, no one has shown me a rationale for raising these limits, so I don't know why we would do it,'' he told reporters on Wednesday. "I haven't seen a rationale yet."

The bill raises the campaign contribution limits from $500 in current law to $3,000 for statewide candidates, thereby giving the governor and any potential opponent an easier way to raise campaign cash.  It is part of a two-part compromise between the House and Senate in which the chambers pass both ethics and campaign finance rewrites today.

If the bills reach the governor's desk during the session, he will have seven days to accept or veto them. Scott wouldn't commit to a veto on the campaign finance bill and said that "on the ethics bill, I'm reviewing that." 



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So it's okay for Rick Scott to contribute $70 million to elect himself governor but the average Florida citizen shouldn't be allowed to write a check for a campaign that is more than $500....

Hey, wait! There's the missing rationale!

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