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Senate kills parent trigger bill

The Florida Senate killed the controversial parent trigger bill Tuesday.

The bill died almost exactly as it did last year: in a 20-20 vote in the final week of the session.

"The second time is just as sweet," said Florida Education Association President Andy Ford, who helped lead the opposition against the bill. "I'm happy that the Legislature stepped up and did what's right for the state of Florida."

The bill, sponsored by Sen. Kelli Stargel, would have let parents demand sweeping changes at failing public schools, including having the school transformed into a charter school.It had been watered down by an amendment from Sen. David Simmons, R-Altamonte Springs, that would have allowed school boards to reject parent petitions.

Most observers thought the Simmons amendement would have given Stargel the votes she needed to pass the bill out of the upper chamber. But a handul of Republicans joined the Democratic opposition Tuesday, including: Sens. Nancy Detert, Miguel Diaz de la Portilla, Rene Garcia, Jack Latvala, Greg Evers and Charlie Dean.

Detert pointed out that parents across the state had opposed the legislation.

"The minute you vote yes, your PTA is going to call you and say, What were you thinking?'" she said. 

The bill was considered a priority for former Gov. Jeb Bush and his education non-profit, the Foundation for Florida's Future.


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The "common core" issue is a disgrace. Government trying to further indoctrinate our youth into believing that being in debt for 20 years to pay back a college loan that will get you nodda in this economy and scarce work force. Al the children have been left behind because of all these programs created to just eat up spending. Money over warm bodies in seats. "Common core" has an ultimate objective of re-writing history books to fit the socialist agenda for the progressive liberals in power that want to keep it. That's why they legalizing 11 million new democrat voters to the roles, and giving immunity to the fact that they are criminals first as for being here illegally in the first place. These illegals know that all they have to do is sneak in and have a child and their whole overcrowded household will all get welfare checks and all the benefits we legal and natural born citizens have worked and paid their taxes for. It's way past time for the patriotic "Blackwater" group to clean up some messes.


Hey Zzzzoney, you left out Obama's concentration camps secretly built out in nuclear test ranges where he's going to put all the gun owners. Put on that aluminum foil cap, big boy. You're slipping.

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