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Senate Medicaid plan would cut funding for Jackson

Miami’s Jackson Health System could see its crucial Medicaid funding cut by $46 million, or about 13 percent of what it was expecting, under a bill that is scheduled for a floor vote in the Senate by the end of the week.

Jackson isn’t the only South Florida hospital that would take a hit, according to a preliminary analysis by the Safety Net Hospital Alliance of Florida. Miami Children’s Hospital would face a $15 million cut to its anticipated Medicaid funding, the report concluded. And Memorial Healthcare System and Broward Health would each shoulder about $3 million in reductions.

All told, the state’s safety-net hospitals would lose out on an estimated $104 million, according to the analysis. For-profit hospitals, meanwhile, would benefit to the tune of about $81 million.

“This would put a tremendous roadblock in front of us,” said Carlos Migoya, CEO of Jackson Health, which would still receive about $315 million in Medicaid money.

Migoya and other safety-net hospital CEOs are running out of time to make their case. The proposal will be read on the Senate floor on Wednesday, and will likely receive a vote on Thursday.

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