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State report says Medicaid expansion would save $430M in Medically Needy

State estimators say that expanding Medicaid, or creating a new insurance program that covers the same number of people, could save the state $430 million in general revenue funds. That is because more people would be insured and would not have to rely on Medicaid's Medically Needy program to cover emergency health care costs.

Other alternatives that cover fewer people would therefore save the state less money. Although the report didn't specifically reference House Republican's proposed alternative, it notes that a similar scenario would only reduce Medically Needy costs by $130 million.

That $300 million difference makes this analysis, first reported by Health News Florida, the latest ammunition for those who believe the state should expand Medicaid or implement Sen. Joe Negron's proposed alternative.

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No More Rick Scott

The scale of the fraud was so immense that Columbia/HCA Healthcare ended up paying more than $2 billion (PDF) back to the federal government in the single largest fraud case in history. (The previous record holder? Drexel Burnham.) Scott resigned shortly before the judgment came down.

Today, Scott is enjoying a second act as governor of Florida. And, as Suzy Khimm reports, he doesn’t seem all that chastened. Before running for office, he turned his $62 million stake in Solantic, the urgent-care clinic chain he founded after resigning from Columbia/HCA Healthcare, over to a trust in his wife’s name. Solantic doesn’t take traditional Medicaid, but it does work with the private HMOs that, under a 2005 pilot program, were allowed to contract with Medicaid. And Scott is now pushing a bill that would expand that program across the state making those HMOs — the ones Solantic works with — the norm for Medicaid.

-Ezra Klein Washington Post


Rick Scott's wife is racking in the cash!!!!!


Rick Scott is a #backstaber. I read it on twitter.

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