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Super Bowl tab estimated at $21 million

South Florida must raise about $21 million to put on the 50th Super Bowl in 2016, an organizer said Monday, meaning the cost of hosting the milestone game could be twice as much as it did the last time the NFL championship came to Miami Gardens.

Organizers said the NFL has upped its requirements for host cities, and plans submitted last week include an expensive cluster of pre-game activities in downtown Miami, including barges anchored on the waterfront to create more space for the events. Nicki Grossman, Broward’s tourism director and a member of the organizing committee, said the group expects the overall tab to hit about $21 million, which is less than the $25 million cited by rival San Francisco as its fundraising goal for the 2016 game.

While local governments are asked to contribute cash to the Super Bowl, the bulk of the money would come from corporate sponsors in South Florida. In 2010, South Florida’s host committee raised about $9 million to run Super Bowl XLIV, according to tax records, but the actual price tag was closer to $12 million, said Mike Zimmer, the group’s director.

Zimmer and Rodney Barreto, the committee’s volunteer chair, both declined to comment on the $21 million cost figure or offer any financial details about the preliminary bid, which was due Monday and submitted to the NFL late last week. The NFL requirements for hosting the game remain secret, as does the bid presentation sent to the league. Barreto has declined to release both documents, and officials in both Broward and Miami-Dade said they do not have copies.

“It’s going to be the best they’ve ever seen,” Barreto said of South Florida’s Super Bowl pitch to NFL owners.

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Eustace Mullins

If Ross CAN afford it and pay it back then why use public money? Why doesn't he get a bank loan? Ross lives in Palm Beach. The Dolphins staff and players ALL live in Broward. The Dolphins fly out of Fort Lauderdale. Nothing of the Dolphins is done in the heart of Miami. Miami Gardens is NOT the heart of Miami.

Look up Economists Judith Grant Long. She did a study on 99 major sport facilities and on an average 40% of public subsidies for stadiums that are UNDER REPORTED. Due to issues such as contributed Tax exemptions , Contributed land costs, Infrastructure cost, etc...Meaning with the Dolphins, the real cost will not be 150 or 200million of our hard earned money, but much higher in the $350million!
Other economists Phil Parter(un.of SF) and Allen Sanderson(un.of Chicago) did a study on 30 U.S. cities with new Sport-facilities... and concluded "NO MEASURABLE IMPACT ON THE ECONOMY".
Another study by Dennis Coates(un.of Maryland) and Brad Humphreys(un.of Alberta) found the new stadiums have little or no impact on jobs, because the money spent is typically funneled to a small number of athletes and owners who often live elsewhere(as such with the Dolphins).
To pay part of the $200million public subsidy , Dolphins want the state to REMOVE corporate tax exceptions to Florida banks that exempt our banks from paying corporate taxes on revenue earned from foreign deposits and off-shore loans. This $10million tax exemption is one of the reasons our international banks are here and that today we have 6$billion in foreign deposits!
What could our community do with $400million in tax dollars that Steve Ross wants for his new stadium? 200million will get us a new world class convention center in Miami beach which would employ and create more than 1000 permanent jobs and have 150 event days,, NOT JUST 8 HOME FOOTBALL GAMES PER YEAR! We should have a world class convention center that can compete with Vegas and Orlando... the other $200MILLION would get us a world class aquarium , rebuild Miami marine stadium and build a new maritime center to have permanent boat shows year around. The only Miami in Dolphins is the name. If they work, fly and live in Broward then Broward should help Steve Ross raise the capital.
Who would benefit from the $400million?
-Broward hotels
Do you really think once(if) Ross gets his new stadium he won’t change the name of the stadium and keep all the new revenue from the new stadium name for himself. What about a new seat tax? yep that too! Every single NFL owner includes a new seat tax with his new stadium. That money will not go back to the public. Just ask the Colts how it went for them.


Terrific article! Billionare Ross and his tacky condo projects have screwed Miami Tax payers enough. Pay to play for the ego trip toy PRO TEAMS. TIDE FERRARI RACING, PALM BEACH,tom davis,jr. Please help save the MIAMI Marine Stadium.


I'm curious as well as thinking about what you really are talking about the following.

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