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Tea party leader wants RPOF to 'step back' from Gov. Scott

The Republican Party of Florida's quarterly meeting takes place this weekend at the Disney Dolphin resort near Orlando, and Saturday's executive board meeting promises to be a lot livelier than usual.

Lake County Republican State Committeewoman Patricia Sullivan, who's also a leader of the local tea party movement, said she will ask RPOF chairman Lenny Curry and other party leaders to "step back" from Gov. Rick Scott and not provide financial, verbal or other support for him until after the 2014 party primary. Scott at the moment has no serious opposition for the GOP nomination.

Sullivan was an early and avid supporter of Scott, but she abandoned all support for the governor after he publicly endorsed an expansion of the Medicaid program last month. In an interview Friday, Sullivan added to her list of Scott grievances the fact that he supports the Common Core education standards, which the Republican National Committee is also considering opposing as a "one-size-fits-all" approach to classroom achievement.

"That is in complete opposition to what Rick Scott is doing," Sullivan said.

Scott has noted that 46 states have adopted the Common Core standards, which his website says were developed with input from teachers "that emphasizes analytical problem solving over memorization and simple recitation of facts."

Sullivan said she realizes it's an uphill fight to challenge the party establishment over a sitting governor's record, but added: "We have a new group who are not yes-men and yes-women. We'll have a little bit of a fight on our hands, but that's our job as men and women."

-- Steve Bousquet


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No More Rick Scott

Scott, a lawyer, resigned from Columbia/ HCA and was paid almost 10 million in cash and $350 million in stock bonuses. In some cultures this might look like the company Board of Directors was giving Scott "hush money", but this is a perfectly acceptable and normal business practice by corporations in America.

After Rick Scott resigned from Columbia/ HCA over the fraud allegations made by the FBI, Columbia/ HCA ended up paying over $2 billion in civil settlements to Federal and other governmental agencies for over charging them.

Under oath during the investigation Rick Scott pled the fifth amendment over 70 times. In the U.S. the fifth amendment gives one the right to remain silent if answering a question would incriminate yourself. Obviously, this does not apply to those accused of terrorism.

-All Voices

Christian Ziegler, Sarasota County State Committeeman

I respect my fellow Committeewoman's opinion and leadership, but I disagree with this action. While I realize that it's impossible to agree with Rick Scott, or any elected leader, 100% of the time, I truly believe that the Governor has done an outstanding job and has championed countless Conservative policy initiatives. Additionally, when you look at the top issue facing our state, Jobs, there's not a better Governor in the Country. I urge not only all of the members of our State Party, but all Floridians to stand behind our Governor and help ensure his reelection. -Christian Ziegler, State Committeeman, Sarasota County


The RPOF is in shambles. Under Chairman Lenny Curry, the RPOF has lost more elections than ever. There is no leadership and for te first time ever rank-and-file Republicans and the Tea Party are working together. We are fed up with Rick Scott and his RPOF minions.

You're Welcome

Christian Ziegler just likes to kiss ass. He wants gain credibility with Scott to further himself.

Memo to the Chairman

Dear Chairman Ziegler,

Thanks for regurgitating those talking points, but the truth is that the day after the 2012 election Rick Scott's political handlers made the incredibly cynical decision that Rick Scott needed to run to the left in order to get re-elected. In every respect this has made an already strange term in office that much stranger. Rick Scott has abandoned the right, the middle don't trust him, and the left have always hated him. That leaves, well, you and Rick Scott believing he will be re-elected.


Ziegler is like what, 12?

Christian Ziegler, Sarasota County State Committeeman

@3:23: I doubt Scott reads the fodder posted on this thread. I actually just think he's doing a great job overall. He's pushed a lot of issues I felt strongly for.

@3:29: I don't think he's abandoned the right, but I do believe he can do a better job selling his policies before and after he puts them in place. As the election gets closer, voters will be paying attention and I believe will be aware of and absorb the positive effects of the policies he has out in place.

Excitedly awaiting more attacks....-CZ


Please, be civilized. Leave Ziegler alone. Rick Scott is the failure in Florida and he will lose reelection because Republicans, the Tea Party, Democrats, and nearly everyone will vote against the fraudster Rick Scott. He was overlooked before, but now everyone knows and will not take a punch for him. Ziegler, grab a life raft while you can.


oh hai

World War Z

3:39 Ziegler:

If you think a half billion dollar bribe to the teachers' union with taxpayers' money is not "abandoning the right," then maybe you need to sign a switch card and become a Democrat.

The problem isn't that Rick Scott is misunderstood. The problem is that with the example of the turncoat Charlie Crist so fresh in our memory, Rick Scott is only too well understood.


Allow me to summarize the article...

At this weeeknd's gathering of the crazy and irrelevant, one of the crazier crazies is going to propose something crazy and uniformly clueless.


Tim is correct. The RPOF is irrelevant. They even lost the Jacksonville Mayoral race which was a Republican bastion for the last 20 years. To add insult to injury, Lenny Curry is the Duval REC Chairman if that tells you anything.


RPOF is not irrelevant. Wannabe power players who think they're important because they hold these local party posts that no one of any substance in their community wants are most definitely and unequivocally irrelevant.


What has the RPOF under Lenny Curry done Tim? I know there was a Civility Report that came out but aside from it, nothing else seems to happen. The RECs are constantly churning volunteers that work hard. Some may be out there and think highly of themselves when they are leaders (i.e. Ziegler above) but so is the RPOF.


In fact, the RPOF under Lenny Curry has done so little he should forgo his annual salary along with all the perks (Greer) that he gets.


Lenny Curry has as much to do with the success or failure of the party as every other chairman of either party who came before. Which is to say, not much.

The electoral success of Republicans or Democrats in this state and every other state lies in the hands of the top level donors, influential citizens of esteem and actual achievement, the highest level elected officials in a given area, the top level political professionals, a handful of other variables some of which are outside of anyone's control, and most importantly the voters.

Christian Ziegler, Sarasota County State Committeeman

@7:28: I don't think that highly, I'm well aware that my race was at the bottom of the ballot... Doesn't mean that I won't do what I can to speak up and support the Governor (and as you see above, get attacked for it). As for what you brought up, I agree. No doubt that the RPOF can do a better job and produce more results. I'm new to the Committee, but I'm optimistic that the Chairman is committed to helping ensure success by the RPOF. Obviously, still TBD but I'm more excited to see and hear what's in the works at each Quarterly meeting... It'd be nice to see others sign their comments with their real name. -CZ


Tim, you seem to have an understanding, however, you don't answer the question other than to prove that the RPOF is irrelevant. RECs may be irrelevant also in your mind, but they are the only ones carrying all the weight. The RPOF looks like they are walking into a glass door every time and smiling like bumbling idiots. The Chairman should quit or at least give up his salary. A lot looks like before with all the perks.


It's embarrassing to listen to the constant evocation of the evil "teacher's union" as the devil in the mix. The FEA has very little power in a right to work state. You Jeb Bush acolytes are the most disingenuous "conservatives". Jeb Bush is nothing but a corporate welfare, crony crapitalist pimp for people who want to divert public resources for personal gain. Anyone who would give money or time to the RPOF is doing it for personal gain, or s/he is stupid. The unholy alliance of the RPOF and the Tea Party created Rick Scott, and you can both live with his defeat in 2014.

Easy A

The FEA and trial lawyers are the two largest contributors to (usually losing) Democrat campaigns for governor. If they have no power as you suggest, then nobody has power in the electoral process. The FEA raises and donates millions of dollars each four years in an attempt to put in place their union-loving shill so they won't have to deal with those pesky parents any more.


The Tea Party is no longer about issues, it is a group of dysfunctional hacks. Like many others, I got involved with the Tea Party because of the issues it originally fought for, but now all the kooks have taken over. It's now about losers getting their 15 minutes of fame. If they are allowed any influence, the GOP will become unelectable.


It is true that the FEA and the trial lawyers have contributed a lot of money to Democrats, but that has been a waste of money. So I don't see how the money equates to power. Your reference to "pesky parents" is laughable. The State of Florida, under Republican domination for over a decade, has consolidated power in Tallahassee to the detriment of parents. The School Advisory Councils have been decimated by budget cuts. Local school boards have had their hands tied by mandates from Tallahassee. The only people ignoring "pesky parents" are Tallahassee Republicans and Jeb Bush acolytes.

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