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Teachers sue the state Board of Ed, challenge new educator evaluation protocol

Seven Florida teachers filed a federal lawsuit against state Education Commissioner Tony Bennett and the Board of Education on Tuesday, alleging that the state's new protocol for evaulating educators is unconstitutional.

Their claim: Evaluating teachers based on the performance of students they don't teach -- or based on student test scores in subjects they don't teach -- violates the equal protection and due process clauses of the 14th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.

The seven teachers have the support of the state and national teachers' unions.

“Teachers in Florida are being evaluated using a formula designed to measure learning gains in the FCAT math and reading tests," Florida Education Association President Andy Ford said Tuesday. "But most teachers, including the seven in this lawsuit, don’t teach those subjects in the grades the test is administered. One of the teachers bringing this suit is getting evaluated on the test scores of students who aren’t even in her school.”


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I am a library media specialist who earned 50 points and was initially "highly effective," but because of VAM I was lowered to "effective."
Due to recent bargaining, that may have changed, I am not sure.
This is based on scores of students that I have no regular contact with. I teach them library and information literacy skills formally and informally on and off throughout the year, as well as provide them with literary material, but how is that quantified?! How are my efforts separated and measured from those of teachers, tutors, and/or parents?!
Counselors are in the same boat. What about the PE teacher with a VAM score based on reading?
As this stems from Race To The Bottom, my special thanks to President Obama, but I have to hand it to Floriduh Gov. Scott and the clowns in the Legislature who ran with it head over heels but are now bashing their own handiwork, Senate Bill 736, as it blew up in their faces. Moreover, it speaks volumes of the people who elect and re-elect them.
Can you say Mickey Mouse?!

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