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Thurston explains the Dems' stalling tactic: drastic attention needed to health insurance

House Democratic Leader Perry Thurston issued the following statement about deliberations in the Florida House of Representatives:

“With the support of the 44-member House Democratic Caucus, today I have begun the extraordinary procedural step of requesting that every bill that comes before the Florida House of Representatives be read in full. 

“By purposefully slowing deliberations at this critical juncture, I and other House Democratic Caucus members seek to bring greater public attention to our desire for legislative passage of the health coverage expansion plan that the Florida Senate approved earlier today. Specifically, I have applauded the Senate’s bipartisan approval of House Bill 7169 as revised to include a Senate plan authored by state Sen. Joe Negron (R-Stuart) that would accept federal funds for health coverage expansion.

 “It’s unfortunate that we have had to take such unusual action today, but my Democratic colleagues and I believe that a drastic situation requires drastic tactics. The 1.2 million people who can be provided medical coverage under proposed legislation may not be aware of what’s transpiring in Tallahassee. Today, I want them to know that the 44-member House Democratic Caucus stands in support of them.

 “In addition to the procedural moves that we are taking in the Florida House to draw public attention to the plight of Floridians needing health coverage, I have also urged Governor Rick Scott to be prepared to call a special session for passage of a health coverage expansion plan and to consider vetoing the state budget.


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Can't take anymore

The Dems finally throw a bump in the road in front of the annual Republican legislative steamroller. I seriously doubt this stalling tactic will actually happen because mean-spirited Speaker Weatherford will promise a terrible retribution on any pending Dem bills or member projects. If Scott threatens to call a special session for any reason he assures there will be a RPOF challenger in the gubernatoral primary next year.


Weatherford is a huge disappointment.


Thurston is a huge disappointment.

Randall McMurphy

Weatherford is the worst kind of hypocrite. His family of religious breeders popped out too many pups to support so they had the taxpayers pay for them with public assistance. Now that he married a daughter of a rich daddy, he says a big EFF U to the rest of the commoners. Hell has a special place for him. He has always been a vile and violent bully and always "WILL" be.

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