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Hispanic Leadership Network's Miami meeting features Jeb, Diaz-Balart, Fortuño, Ralph Reed


From a press release:

WASHINGTON, DC - The Hispanic Leadership Network (HLN) today announced the agenda for its “Family Reunión” conference to be held next Thursday, April 18th, and Friday, April 19th, at the Biltmore Hotel in Miami, Florida. Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush and former Commerce Secretary Carlos Gutiérrez will serve as conference co-chairs. The two-day gathering will bring together more than 15 distinguished speakers and panelists.

“This year’s HLN conference will focus on three of the most pressing policy matters for Hispanics - the economy, education, and immigration. We will come together as a family to discuss our concerns and hopes for the future. I am honored to co-chair the conference with my friend Carlos Gutiérrez, and look forward to a spirited public debate about the best path forward,” said Governor Jeb Bush.

The conference kicks off on Thursday night with a welcoming reception featuring both co-chairs, as well as former Puerto Rico Governor Luis Fortuño.

“We are proud to once again provide a platform for conservative Hispanics to have a dialogue with our national leaders about the issues that most affect our community. We hope to inspire Hispanics nationwide to continue the policy debate long after our conference,” said HLN Executive Director Jennifer S. Korn.

On Friday, the conference program includes two panel discussions on Immigration and Economy & Education. Former U.S. Surgeon General Antonia Novello will deliver the keynote address, marking the third anniversary of the Affordable Care Act. In addition, HLN will host two breakout sessions focusing on grassroots advocacy and the media.

The full agenda is below as a JPEG



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Juan C

Rick Scott is not attending. He has better things to do than to deal with the Hispanics.

Why won’t Rick Scott disclose the secret legal settlements?

What Korten found — aside from Scott’s notorious $300 million engorgement from Columbia/HCA, the crooked hospital chain he once ran — was a series of lawsuits charging Solantic with employment discrimination, wrongful death and other abuses. Among those who sued the company was its first regional medical director, Dr. David Yarian, who complained that Scott’s obsession with hiring only “mainstream” employees was not only discriminatory but prevented him from employing the most qualified applicants, a serious problem in staffing health clinics. That complaint led to the medical director’s dismissal, followed by a legal confrontation and eventually a settlement of his severance claim.

But the Yarian case was only the beginning. Dozens of employees told Korten that Scott’s chain discriminated on the basis of race, age and weight. Qualified applicants were often rejected by Solantic managers, apparently because they were black or Hispanic, over a certain age or simply too “hefty,” the adjective applied to a woman who had recently given birth.


Hispanic Republican

The Hispanic Leadership Network is staying as far away from Rick Scott as he is from them. Hispanics and Rick Scott are like oil and water, they just don't mix well.


Why is Ralph Reed speaking at this?

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