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Weatherford: 'Never say never' to federal funds for Medicaid alternative

House Speaker Will Weatherford's opposition to accepting federal money to expand Medicaid has been well documented and made him a darling among conservatives who oppose the health care law.

But Weatherford indicated Tuesday that he may be open to accepting some federal money to provide health care to at least some of Florida's uninsured, perhaps the disabled or adults with children. The House hasn't finalized its Medicaid expansion alternative, and Weatherford said he won’t eliminate any options.

“You never say 'never’ in this business, I’ve learned that,” Weatherford, R-Wesley Chapel, replied when asked about his willingness to accept some federal aid as part of a House alternative to Medicaid expansion.

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I have the utmost contempt for Will Weatherford's opposition to expanding Medicaid. Do all Republican politicians, receiving state sponsored healthcare, feel so superior to the common people that they find them undeserving of basic healthcare?

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