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Your move Scott: House and Senate agree to 3 percent tuition hike

Florida lawmakers Friday agreed to hike tuition for university and college students by 3 percent, setting up a possible clash with Gov. Rick Scott.

Last year, Scott vetoed a bill that would have allowed the University of Florida and Florida State University the freedom to raise tuition. Scott has not said he would veto a tuition increase this year. After the deal, which came during budget negotiations, a Scott spokeswoman would only say that the governor doesn't support a tuition increase.

Sen. Joe Negron, R-Stuart, said he doesn't believe Scott will veto the hike.

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So the millions and millions made by these "State" school athletic programs goes where? I don't understand how; so much in T.V. revenue, merchandising,and sold out stadiums and arenas, would not be rolled back into the schools operating and student use accounts.One more thing I think would help. When a student athlete signs for a scholarship; it should have written in it that if they leave early to go pro, the amount of the scholorship come out of any signing bonus and/or first check.

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