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Alimony bill vetoed by Gov. Rick Scott; Campaign finance, ethics legislation signed

Gov. Rick Scott late Wednesday signed into law changes to state ethics and campaign finance laws and vetoed a bill that would have abolished permanent alimony in Florida divorce cases. Read the veto letter.

The Legislature sent Scott all three measures one week ago, setting in motion a seven-day deadline for the governor. The ethics and campaign finance bills were must-pass priorities for House Speaker Will Weatherford, R-Wesley Chapel, and Senate President Don Gaetz, R-Niceville.

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It's on. Rick Scott is toast. He'll be primaried.

I Miller

So proud of Governor Scott for having the courage and conviction to veto the potentially disastrous alimony bill. It proves he stands behind the Florida family and means what he says.

Rick Fleming

Veto the alimony bill was wrong
I will work to make sure that Gov Scott is not re- elected

Surfer Lantz

I am a father who is fighting to have my daughter in my life. The mother wants full reign and wants me to go away. The Alimony bill also contained a presumtion of 50/50 timesharing for all paternity cases. It is a shame this bill did not pass. I have incurred over 20k of legal bills taking the mother to court. I wish the timesharing part of the bill was part of a different bill. I am very disappointed for my sake it did not pass but I also know there are cases when women should get alimony and others where they knowingly milk their ex's out of resentment.


I commend his decision to veto SB 718, it was the right decision for Florida families.

Joe Braddock

Mr. Governor, we don't live in the 50s and I don't know of many June Cleaver's who are "sacrificing" by choosing not to work and who are being "punished" by having to "stay-at-home". I suggest you get out there and see what your alimony law really does. It provides the exact opposite - gluttony, greed, and dissension. All the while, loading the pockets of lawyers.

Please just tell the truth. The impact this alimony reform would have on the legal profession in Florida would be huge. That's what you don't want to change.

Until we inject reason and rationality into our decision making without tremendous bias from special interest groups and 'favors' to supporters, things will not turn around in this country.

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