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Another day, another immigration-hardline group pays to bash Marco Rubio in FL



Floridians for Immigration Enforcement, never big Marco Rubio fans, announced they've put up a billboard near Ocala along I-75 that bashes the Republican Senator for backing an immigration-reform bill that would allow "33 MILLION FOREIGN WORKERS in the next 10 years!"

Immigration-reform supporters say the immigration, especially high-skilled labor, would actually improve the economy.

Meantime, a group of pro-reform pastors, the Evangelical Immigration Table, is putting up a rival billboard near Rubio's office in Jacksonville that reads: "PRAYING FOR IMMIGRANTS. PRAYING FOR CONGRESS." It's also announcing a radio campaign.

On the other side, Californians for Population Stabilization is running spots on Florida TV taking Rubio to task.



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The problem

Because the status quo - those 33 million workers, already here, working under the table, is better?

Tally Folly

Poor Marco are the right wingers coming out and attacking you?
Do I have sympathy for this guy after he led the charge of these tea party radicals in overthrowing the Republican Governor's race for Senator?
Not one bit.
Maybe Marco should convert to being a Democrat also.

Rick Scott Backs Racist Arizona Style Law

"My suggestion to Tallahassee: Let's get to work and bring the Arizona law to Florida now." Rick Scott

Rick Scott Backs Racist Arizona Style Law

"Sheriff Joe Arpaio has aggressively pursued local immigration enforcement. The sheriff has been accused of launching some immigration patrols based on letters from people who complained about people with dark skin congregating in a given area or speaking Spanish but never reporting an actual crime."

Numbers Matter

The Problem, the 33 million doesn't include the 11 million undocumented who would be legalized.

The Gang of Eight's bill doesn't just legalize people here illegally, it increases overall legal immigration to the US, even when unemployment is so high among Americans. I think that's the point this group is trying to make.


Let's forget the fact that they are said to be funded by The Pioneer Fund which is classified as a hate group. Naive much "Numbers Matter"?

"Heartland Institute"

"Then this April, 13,000 school district presidents received another deceptive publication, this time from a partisan, self-described ‘think-tank’ in Illinois called the Heartland Institute, filled with junk science and selective propaganda denying the impacts of global warming."


Joe Guzzardi

I was in Senator Rubio's office on April 10, the day of La Gran Marcha in DC. Three of his legislative aides assured me that enforcement would come before legalization. If it didn't, Senator Rubio would walk away.

It doesn't and he didn't. Who is the bad guy here?

D. Rosenberg

The truth is no one really knows the numbers of people who are already here, will come in through family unification and will be let in under all of the "formulas" to determine "need". Is it really asking too much to make sure that the borders and the visa issues are resolved first? We were told everyone will pay back taxes. That's not going to happen. We were told there would be thorough background checks. That's not going to happen. Should we really expect the borders to be secure one legalization is granted?


From Caputo's blog entry above: "Immigration-reform supporters say the immigration, especially high-skilled labor, would actually improve the economy."

The Senate bill and such claims by "supporters" have absolutely nothing to do with **reform**. They're simply about cheap labor, which has been the underlying theme for immigration-expansion pressure during U.S. history at least back to 1840.

Associated claims about "shortages" of high-tech labor are lies going back to the late 1980s; they've been repeated so often that people have simply stopped thinking and, instead, bought the bunk.

But there was an op-ed by AFL-CIO chief Richard Trumka in USA Today on 5/28 that torpedoed the "high-tech shortage" mantra in the most direct way possible, using a scant 81 words:

"High-tech companies say there are 'too few' American high-tech workers, but that's not true.

"Today there are 20,000 fewer African-American computer programmers and system analysts employed than in 2008.

"In the fields of computer and information science and engineering, U.S. colleges graduate 50% more students than there are new hires.

"Basic supply and demand suggests that if there were too few qualified tech workers, their average salaries would be going up. But tech wages haven't risen since Bill Clinton was president."


Maria Fotopoulos

Rubio and all the Gang of Eight members do need to be called by American taxpayers on this bad piece of legislation.

We're not keeping up with job creation now, so how will we accommodate the huge increases for more LEGAL immigration that this bill calls for?

Add to that more population growth when family members are brought into the country, and we're talking some really big numbers. Even if immigration numbers are limited to replacement level, U.S. population will keep growing through this century due to the momentum of the LAST 30 years of immigration.

We need to have real discussion about a SUSTAINABLE U.S. population; that's not in the Senate plan.


Bad things happen in Washington when no one's watching. THEY ARE NOT BEING HONEST WITH THE AMERICAN PEOPLE?

Democrats are scheming to grant Amnesty on the sly, behind closed doors, while attention is deflected to the other scandals erupting all over our nation's capital. Harry Reid's gone so far as to say it will "easily" pass. IF THE GANG OF EIGHT MEANT TO OVERHAUL IMMIGRATION ENFORCEMENT, BECAUSE THEY ARE CRYING ABOUT THE 1986 LAW IS BROKEN, THEN WHY DID THEY SHOVE ALL THE POSITIVE AMENDMENTS ASIDE AND REJECT ANY AMENDMENT THAT MADE GOOD JUDGMENT? Decent lawmakers as Senator Sessions was derided when he came forward with logical laws, but fell fail to their objections.

Guess what? They got to go through “THE PEOPLE” first.

Reid claims he has all the democrats in pocket and just needs four more Republicans to pass the proposed legislation. Now folks, I know this looks like tough odds BUT patriotic Conservatives, Republican numerous other political parties and even Liberals. Black, White, Hispanic, Asian; it makes no difference, where you’re from if you pay taxes? We are in this chaos together. Obama and his mob have used every method to divide the country and even the top senior officials have promoted their socialist agenda by implicating the race card. This is a desperate move usually of last resort. But we’ve rallied before when the race was too close to call...and we've won! STOP THE AMNESTY TRAIN WRECK NOW!

That's where you come in..?

If the Gang of Eight Amnesty Bill passes in the coming days or weeks it won't be because Americans want 33 million illegal’s--new dependents--on their back. Who ends up paying for the family members they sponsor? Eventually you do. It'll be because Patriots didn't step up. Remember if this law passes without any enforcement triggers, and the badly intentionally estimated 11 million claims a path to citizenship, the taxpayer will reap the negative reward of more taxes. If you really believe that the Politicians will not reward illegal aliens with citizen entitlements, the joke will be on you. These people will find a way through loopholes, as they have always done. You cannot trust either political party, except for a very few who have not been bought by the Special Interests.

So, you ready for the challenge? Good, here's our mission:

Start blasting "NO AMNESTY! DOWN WITH THE IMMIGRATION BILL!" Send blasting faxes into the in-boxes of every member of the House and Senate at www.numbersusa.com . It’s free or you can help out with a donation? Let lawmakers know, “A vote for Amnesty means no re-election for you!" We can jam their phones at toll-free -- 1-888-978-3094--. Set up your message on Twitter or Facebook as the Left is doing their counterproductive misleading information. You can reach millions of people on these Social networks, so we can hammer away at these slimy politicians The Liberals are not going to tell you the truth, as illegal aliens gaining legal status, means future votes or for the Republican elites its plenty more profits for their corporate friends. While we pay for all the illegal alien families living expenses, they walk away and expect us through forced taxes to pay for it all. It’s the same with the Guest Workers on the farms? Who do you think pay for the Health care, education for their kids. Not the agricultural community? YOU DO. As I have said many times read the true information that has surfaced in the E-media at American Patrol about the daily news on illegal immigration.
Every American no matter the state they live in, should check out the incredible stomach churning outlay that illegal aliens cost Los Angeles County in just one month, let alone annually? For stopping unauthorized job seekers, for voting, claiming welfare and for credit security we must demand that the Federal government issue a citizen biometric identification card.

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