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Bill Nelson questions "social welfare" designation of nonprofit political groups


The IRS' tea party-targeting scandal got its second congressional hearing today, this time in the Senate Finance Committee, where top Democrats like Florida Sen. Bill Nelson felt as if the tax agency was letting too many political groups wrongly hide behind nonprofit status for "social welfare" groups.

Of course, the IRS tried to stop it but wound up profiling some conservative groups. And that runs afoul of the agency's efforts to remain nonpolitical.

Republicans and conservatives smell a political cover-up.

The IRS worker at the center of the case, Lois Lerner, is going to plead the Fifth Amendment.

The American Spectator notes that President Obama met with an IRS union chief the day before the agency began targeting nonprofit groups for review.

Obama, incidentally, said he knew nothing of the incident until it was publicized. And the Treasure Department, so far, said it was only advised of what happened once an Inspector General began examining the case.

During today's hearing, Nelson wanted to know why the IRS didn't do more.

"How could you all in the IRS allow the tax breaks funded basically by the taxpayer [spent] on these political campaign expenditures?" Nelson asked. "Can you all shed some light, please?"

"What we've seen in the course of the last two campaign cycles is enormous money running through through these c4 organizations...I understand the king’s English, and it says the promotion of social welfare does not include direct or indirect participation or intervention in political campaigns. Now, how you interpret that to say that that does allow some intervention in political campaigns is beyond me.”


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Joshu Jones

Thank you Senator nelson for being a voice of reason against the obviously phony TBagger witch hunt.


There's a bunch of bs out there with these groups. At least Senator Nelson is the only adult pointing out the obvious. Maybe if they weren't shady, they wouldn't be singled out.


So media matters is a non profit, bit tea parties arent. Nice double standard dems


Nelson proves he gives Obama and this administration carte-blanche to target people that don't agree with them-Nelson is like the nasty palmetto bug we have here in Fl.

Nelson needs to go

Nelson is a mindless hack who will do anything to tow the party line regardless. Breaking the law is okay to him and the Kool-aid drinkers who just vote for anyone with a D behind their name. I will follow and question his support of this corrupt administration at all town hall meetings.


There seems to be that when a politician crosses from Va. and enters Washington D.C. something happens to their moral standard. They become as corrupt as those allready there. If the IRS was targeting those supportive of Dem. what would Nelson's stance be.You can't have your cake and eat it too.


The question should be who gave the order to target a special group of people who where against Obama's 2nd term. Wake up folks, Obama might target you next.


The question should be who gave the order to target a special group of people who where against Obama's 2nd term. Wake up folks, Obama might target you next.

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