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Bill to keep foreign laws out of family court cases stalls in Senate

A controversial bill that aims to keep foreign law from being used over Florida law in family courts is “effectively dead,” Sen. John Thrasher, R-St. Augustine, chairman of the Senate’s Rules Committee, said after that body's meeting Thursday.

Democrats blocked an effort by the bill’s sponsor, Sen. Alan Hays, R-Umatilla, to get the House bill through in the Senate by a 25-14 vote. Hays needed a two-thirds vote, or 27 votes, to substitute the House version (HB 351), which passed April 18 by a vote of 79-39.

Hays said the bill aims to make sure that American law trumps foreign law in cases related to marriage, divorce and child custody cases in cases that violate state statutes or a person's constitutional rights. Opponents say the measure is based on anti-Sharia legislation. With one day left of the session, it's unlikely the bill can be salvaged this session.




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Glen Gibellina

WLYB.......It never ends.....
Sharia Law in Florida Family Courts. Our Family Courts are unrecognizable and our legislators are misguided by Sharia law. Any Judge that follows this insane practice should step down from the bench. Corruption continues in Florida's Family Courts. A controversial bill that critics say is rooted in anti-Sharia legislation and proponents say ensures U.S. and Florida rights are guaranteed in court has definitely been killed this session. It's the third year the bill failed -- it called for American law to trump foreign law that isn't constitutional in family courts in Florida.

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