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Budget lands on Scott's desk, is tuition hike on the chopping block?

It was only Friday that lawmakers passed the $74.5 billion budget.

Now, it's Gov. Rick Scott's turn. The 450-page document landed on Scott's desk Thursday. He has until May 24 to sign it -- and veto anything he doesn't deem appropriate.

In his first year in office in 2011, Scott vetoed $615 million in member projects. Last year, Scott vetoed $143 million in various projects. He's been coy so far about what he's going to reject this year, but he'll have a lot to choose from. It's stuffed with hometown spending on cultural centers, water projects and college and university funding.

The biggest single veto drama is whether Scott will deep-six the proposed 3 percent tuition hike.  University leaders are expecting Scott to veto it. Former Gov. Charlie Crist did the same thing in 2007. Although some questioned the legality of Crist's actions, Scott's general counsel says it set a precedent that puts Scott on solid ground if he does the same this year.


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