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Counties bristle as bill comes due for pension bill

TALLAHASSEE — A bill passed in the waning moments of the 2013 legislative session with little discussion and signed two weeks later by Gov. Rick Scott will cost state and local governments nearly $900 million in additional expenses next year, hitting county governments especially hard as they struggle to emerge from a prolonged economic slump.

The bill, SB 1810, raised the rates employers must pay into Florida's $135 billion pension fund so that the state could more aggressively manage a deficit in the retirement system. Though the higher level will please conservatives like Scott who want the pension fully funded, it comes at a cost that some say is unnecessary when the stock market is hitting record highs.

The new rates will force 1,000 state, county and local employers to pay more into the system: $177 million from state agencies, $100 million from universities and colleges, $300 million from school districts, $50 million from cities and special districts, and $264 million from Florida's 67 counties.

How did this get bill get passed? Read story here


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Republicans, led by MARCO RUBIO, started this kind of passing the buck management back when they pushed Amendment 1. The ignorant, short sighted citizens of Floriduh voted for Amendment 1, and the Republicans have been consolidating their privileged position in Tallahassee at the expense of local governments ever since. Maybe, just maybe, people will wake up and throw the scum out of office in 2014.

Michael Anguelo

Fixing the Democracy

I concisely try to express my opinions to the world, in benefit of the human kind, a not uncomplicated idea that may cause big changes in the political system of today’s world. Every thing commenced with a single design, like the day when a person sought that implanting Democracy to organize, respect others opinions, give freedom and to control the behaves of the peoples, in the political aspect at that era. Was necessary changes for better government, and free benefit, with the same principles. I am launching my idea to the world, not for my own benefit; but for all peoples of the world.

Do you think? Would the political parties, be benefits or damaged, the efficiency of the Democratic system? In my opinion, they do more harm than benefit because one or two or more political system is a controversy between communities, a division of the nation’s peoples in a political campaign that should not benefit at all. The only one who benefits from this war is principally the “media” and others profiteers that love this controversy for their own benefit, "in fact", they inflame and exaggerate the events that happened in a political conflict, to inflames the animus of the contenders.

The idea came to me after I analyzed the “why?”, well it is pure, the whole idea behind this war, is “Greed”, greed for fame, greed for money, greed for power, not for the peoples protection. We most stop this political non sense by simple eliminating all

Political parties, for the good of Democracy and the people, to make reforms were those elements will not exist or minimize their intention.

Eliminating the political party the Government will regulate the candidates that aspire to an officials position, selected by a Supreme Electoral Tribunal, composed by honest citizen, with some University degree or similar education level and scrutinized by the Supreme Court of Justice. Each contender should fill an application form, with all the information required, to be investigated by the Supreme Electoral Tribunal, and the

Supreme Court of Justice, no one with obscure pass, will not be selected.

Nobody with obscure or criminal past, will not be allowed, to participate in the race, only the reliable, and with good principles, willing of do the best for the people, will participate in the selection for a free position.

There are hundreds of positions, from a simple City Mayor, up to the president of the republic, it is not complicated and easy to select the candidates. Each City or States will be responsible and involved in this selection. The rest is letting the peoples know the qualities of each candidate by publishing a complete biography of each of the contenders, and their promises to be accomplishing when in service if he or she is chosen. With this idea, there is not needing for political parties.

Democracy is almost the perfect way that I consider the best: but every thing needs improvement with the time, also Democracy need improvement. The political system of plural political parties do more harm than benefit to the peoples of the democratic nations through out the world.(Demo-grace means, “Give Thanks” in Latin)

Benefit because the democracy give rights and freedom of speech, human rights and other rights, through the constitution, redacted more than two centuries ago. The harm comes from the confrontations between political parties that supposedly, was designed to suit, like competition between ideas, in favor of benefiting the citizen of the nation. That was a noble idea : but with the time, become an aggressive war, between political parties, not for the benefit of the people, instead, for political gain, for personally gain or a party gain, against any other party.

The plural politics parties divide the citizens of a nation or the Democratic System peoples, resembling a civil war where no body get physical hurt but the public’s packets. It is like a reality show that benefits only the medias, the networks and some others profiteers that love the controversy between participator of an administration position, of the existing parties, Republican, Democrats, and Independent. The idea of dividing psychologically the people’s political opinions, do more harm than benefits to the system. In my opinion is that the democratic system requires a makeover, and I have the solution. For a long time, I have observed many political democratic systems. I have come out with the perfect solutions to elect public officials, without political fights.

Beginning with the presidency, the President, he should be elected by the elected public functionaries or officials elected by the people, at the level of Governor, Mayors, Senators, Representatives and others legislators in general, now those elected functionaries, elected by the people, will elect the President of the nation, and as results we would not need political parties to elect them. The political system, need to work as teams not as adversaries, political parties make war between the people in other to elect

A public servant, instead of political parties we have supporter and opponents, let them divide by them self without having a political flag.

With the present system, politicians from both or more parties attack each another in the both chambers of legislation, interrupting the bills and laws for the benefit of the people, most of the time it is not for peoples benefits; instead, for political gain, by blocking the adversary party in power. All this will end with a system with no political parties. If the legislator haves no need to debates for political and personal gain. The democratic system will function better as a government team, not as political parties, concentrating in crating the best legislation for the benefit of the nation only, not for political or personal gain, as how the present political parties does.

The candidates selection, will be made, by a group of selected regular people, as a Supreme Tribunal Electoral. Those appointed persons, will be certified, by the Supreme Court of Justice, to assure that no person with a gray past becomes one of the tribunal official, only those persons with positive antecedents and well screened moral behaviors. Will compose a Supreme Tribunal Electoral, they will decide and look closely who may participate in the race for a PRESIDENTIAL position without prejudice. Who has an obscure past, will be disqualified.

Ending the eternal controversy of a political struggle between two or more political parties.

This political campaign as I said resemble a television Reality Show where the people is to pay for it.

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