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Dolphins stadium proposal was failing at the polls, vote tally shows

@PatriciaMazzei and @MarcACaputo

The Miami Dolphins’ short-lived campaign for a subsidized Sun Life Stadium renovation appeared doomed from the start.

A majority of Miami-Dade voters who cast ballots in the special stadium election before it was called off opposed the $350 million makeover, according to a count the elections department released late Tuesday.

The tabulation showed that among the 60,678 voters who voted by mail or at early-voting sites, 34,780 — about 57 percent — opposed the Dolphins’ proposal, compared to 25,898 — or 43 percent — who favored it.

The vote tally, though revealing partial results for an incomplete election, provides a snapshot of the opinion of voters who voted early, despite not knowing whether their ballots would ultimately count.

The Dolphins were foundering at the polls at the time the referendum was canceled, the count shows, but a team spokesman dismissed any notion that the proposal would have failed.

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Just saying

It's now time to dig through the campaign reports of all the 2012 county commissioners and mayor elections to see just how much dough was given to these crooks to vote the way the dolphins wanted them to vote. This should be great "do not vote for" list for 2014 and beyond...

Just saying

I dare you to lay it out, herald! You would be providing a great community service to your readers!

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