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Gov. Rick Scott: Raising tuition is a tax increase

Gov. Rick Scott has an opinion piece in National Review Online pounding his opposition to tuition increases. Scott vetoed a 3 percent tuition increase when he signed Florida's budget earlier this month. An excerpt from Scott's column:

"While many political leaders have been quick to join us in fighting tax and fee increases on almost any other front, our fight to hold the line on tuition has proven less popular. But we owe it to the families in our state who are paying tuition today and those planning to pay tuition for the next generation of Floridians to be direct: Raising tuition is a tax increase. And, unfortunately, it is a tax increase that directly affects whether Floridians can achieve the American dream of earning a higher-education diploma.

"The easy answer in government will always be to spend more money. But that doesn’t mean it’s the right answer. In business, it is the company that can provide the highest-quality service at the lowest cost that succeeds. That is what we want for our higher-education system in Florida. The opportunities and dreams of future graduates are at stake, and we owe it to them to continue our fight against the tax increase of rising tuition."


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Fed Up

I am sorry that is just stupid and whoever is advising him to go that route is dumb as well.

Tuition is a product that you pay for. You give your money willingly to receive the product. A tax is taken from you and government decides what they are going to spend your money on and how they distribute it.

In my opinion, Scott and his Jindal advisors are leading him down the wrong path here and people will see it as strictly political.

Now if they want to go after a possible tax at universities then go after all the fees. That has what made prepaid so expensive. Years ago when it first started there were no fees associated. It was strictly tuition and dorm. Now the fees in some places cost more than the tuition and don't forget the mandatory first year meal plan!!

Find another issue Scott this one just does not fly.


If Scott's going to make the argument to eliminate tuition increases he at least needs to make one that is intellectually honest. Tuition is a fee, not a tax, and it is appalling that the Governor is either too stupid to know the difference or too dishonest to acknowledge it.

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