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Immigrant-bashing "hate" group attacking Rubio: Build fence that "stings people," let "illegals" live "in the shadows."


Ever hear of the group, Californians for Population Stabilization, which is running Florida ads attacking Florida Republican Sen. Marco Rubio for backing immigration reform?

Immigrant-rights groups sure have.

"This is a hate group that thinks undocumented children spread disease and filth. Hardliners? They are xenophobic at best," said Kathy Bird Caicedo, with the Florida Immigrant Coalition.

Her evidence: A YouTube video showing ads from CAPS and an interview with its chair, Marilyn DeYoung, who suggests that illegal immigrants aren't screened for whether they're "Communists, drug smugglers," felons or members of Al Qaida.

She also talks about "even the Venezuelans" -- something that wouldn't play well, say, in Doral, home to the United States' largest Venezuelan exile community and homebase of the influential Spanish-language network Univision.

CAPS also gets all environmental, pointing out in one ad that "immigrants produce four times the carbon emissions in the U.S. than they do in their home countries."

"Oh I'm called a racist all the time," DeYoung says in one clip. "That's because they think we dislike them, we dislike illegal immigrants. Well, in a way we do."

"We need to close our borders -- a fence, electric wiring that stings people that they can't get through and  they can't clip," she said. "We're not saying they have to be deported by ICE. Let them live in the United States as illegals in the shadows until they decide to go home."