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Jeb Bush, conservative Hispanic group trash 'inflammatory,' 'ignorant' Heritage immigration expert


Day two dawns of the Republican pushback against The Heritage Foundation's researcher who has a low opinion of Hispanics and immigrants. Here's the press release:

WASHINGTON, DC – Members of the Hispanic Leadership Network’s (HLN) National Advisory Committee released the following statement regarding the inflammatory remarks on immigrants’ intelligence by the Heritage Foundation’s Jason Richwine. The HLN Advisory Committee signees are: Governor Jeb Bush, Secretary Carlos Gutierrez, U.S. Treasurer Rosario Marin, Mario Rodriguez, Massey Villarreal, Jovita Carranza and HLN's executive director, Jennifer S. Korn.

“The beliefs espoused by the Heritage Foundation’s Jason Richwine are ignorant and reflect a lack of understanding of our immigration system and the American immigrant experience. American Hispanics are not a community of low intelligence but rather one of entrepreneurship and upward mobility. This lack of understanding, from the author himself of Heritage’s immigration study, only further discredits their already controversial and flawed findings. This is particularly disappointing because of our respect for the Heritage Foundation and their traditions of high standards, rigorous work, and support for immigration reform. We look forward to the next Heritage study that excludes such obvious biases and flawed starting points.”

The Hispanic Leadership Network began its efforts in 2011 and strives to engage the Hispanic community on center-right issues that will restore opportunity and prosperity in America.


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The Hispanic Leadership Network is a pro-immigration group.


The comment doesn't specify how the report is ignorant. It just sounds emotional. Immigration is an important topic and we should approach it as adults. Allowing millions upon millions of individuals to become legal members of society during a period of extremely high unemployment and economic weakness is not an action that should be taken lightly.


The Hispanic Leadership Network calls the Heritage Foundation and Jason Richwine "ignorant" but he has a PhD from Harvard.

Something is missing and I don't see any PhD's from Harvard on the HLN list.


Republicans are known racists. All the racists fled the Democratic party back in the day with the Dixiecrats and the South. I am not surprised this is happening. You don't see these issues at the Brookings Institute.

John Smith Vega

Many other people say bad things about Hispanics. Is the HLN, Jeb Bush and Company going to call out Pete Sessions, Joe Arpaio, Tom Tancredo, Pete Wilson, and the long list of Republicans that make "racist" remarks about Hispanics? Even recently they have been called wetbacks, so it's not past history. It happens today.


Mark, can you post liberal groups comments on this issue also. We noticed you like HLN (don't know why, or maybe we do) but there should be some other incensed liberals.


Son unos pata sucia comermierda.

Founding Fathers

A new Amendment to the US Constitution proposed by the Heritage Foundation says that Hispanics are only 3/5 of a person. They want to go back to what made this country great.

Can't take anymore

FF, you can be sure that under the new leadership of former Sen. DeMinted the Heritage Foundation will want the USA to: return to the gold standard, abolish voting by women/blacks/non-freeholders, abolish appeals of death sentences, abolish Social Security/Medicare and return us to the "good old days" when they "take our country back." Of course, it does mean take us back to somewhere around 1864.


If Richwine's study is accurate, he's not a racist. Unless you consider him a racist merely for pointing out the truth. You know, like what happens to white people who say black-on-black crime is an epidemic in America.


By the way, Richwine isn't saying that Hispanics have lower IQs than white people, but rather that Hispanics who seek to immigrate to America have, on average, lower IQs.

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