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Marco Rubio on PolitiFact's Flip-O-Meter

Why should Iowa and New Hampshire get all the attention when it comes to presidential politics?

That was the question Florida legislators were asking back in 2007, when they ignored advice from both national Republican and Democratic party leaders and moved Florida’s presidential primary date. By moving it earlier, to January 29, the idea was that presidential candidates would give more time and attention to Florida voters.

The parties were not amused, and they sanctioned Florida delegates with a variety of penalties, both in 2008 and 2012

More recently, though, Florida legislators have lost interest in going rogue.

In the waning days of the 2013 Florida legislative session, lawmakers tucked a provision into an elections bill to move the primary back, so that it’s held "on the first Tuesday that the rules of the major political parties provide for state delegations to be allocated without penalty."

They made the change with the support of one of Florida’s top Republicans: U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio. That jogged our memory: Wasn’t Rubio the one in favor of moving the primary up in the first place?

We decided to investigate the matter on our Flip-O-Meter. We use the Flip-O-Meter to determine when a political official or candidate has changed position. The meter is not intended to pass judgment on their decisions to change their minds. It’s simply gaging whether they did or not. Read more here.


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If either party feels the need at any level to dictate who their supporters should vote for by declaring NO PRIMARY - then BOTH parties are asking for a third party (like the TEA PARTY) to become a valid party with all of the media coverage rights and debate rights and ballot rights of a MAJOR PARTY. Changing a PRIMARY date and/or changing it back as described above is simply a political move that parties should do more often. RPOF needs to heed the warning that Candidate Romney was given when he failed to stay for the vote after CPAC - disrespect FL and we will vote for Herman Cane - disrespect FL and choose your VP from another state and lose the voters of FL ..... and ....OH YES .... your support from that ever growing HISPANIC vote.

Corrine Brown for LG

Corrine brown is rumored to be the next pick for LG by the EOG.

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