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Miami-Dade commissioners mull over extra Dolphins cash


More than $1 million was left over from the nearly $4.8 million nonrefundable payment the Miami Dolphins made to Miami-Dade for a special election.

Now county commissioners must decide how to spend the cash.

Miami-Dade required the team to pay for a scheduled May 14 election on a proposed Sun Life Stadium renovation, to be paid for in part with public dollars. The referendum was canceled after Florida lawmakers failed to pass Dolphins-backed legislation in Tallahassee — leaving the county with the extra elections money.

Dueling proposals on what to do with it emerged at a committee meeting Thursday.

Commissioner Barbara Jordan said the money should help establish a low-interest loan program for small businesses. Commissioner Juan C. Zapata said it should be divided evenly among the 13 commissioners to fund summer programs for children or mom-and-pop business grants.

“I really see this as being an incubator of something that is sorely needed, to grow our small businesses,” Jordan said of her plan.

Said Zapata: “I like both ideas.”

So did the rest of the economic development and PortMiami committee. Commissioners decided to forward both alternatives to the full board for a vote.


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Banana, Inc.

Why not just let Barbara Jordan and Bruno Barreiro pocket it, like they do everything else?


give it to Dee and Armando salguero to remove mud from their faces


How about they give it back to the Dolphins? I was against the Dolphins looking for public money, but this is basically stealing money from the Dolphins. They paid that money for the expenses of the election that did not come to full fruition. Any leftover money should go back to the team. I can't believe no one is complaining about this.


I agree with Dewbert. While I understand that a "no refund" agreement was made, which would certainly be okay had an election taken place, to retain the overage in this situation is just adding insult to injury. One day, I am afraid soon, the people in Miami- Dade will understand and feel the impact of fewer and fewer major events at Sun Life. You can hate the rich guy all you want, but, in the end, the real losers are the citizens of Miami- Dade.

Jerry B

Having been raised in an area that lost an NFL team due - partly - to indifference from elected officials (Cleveland), I agree with Garl - give it back to the Fins. The money was for an election that never occurred due to no fault of the Fins. M-D County doesn't 'have' to give the money back but that doesn't mean they shouldn't. And $2m in a county this size is nothing. If left to the Commissioners, nothing will come from it. Just give it back to foster good will with the Fins...or one day they may become the Los Angeles Dolphins.

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