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Miami-Dade mayor to commissioner: 'Thank me later' for leftover Dolphins election cash


Miami-Dade commissioners refrained from referring to the Miami Dolphins on Tuesday in the board's first meeting since Florida lawmakers ended the team's effort to upgrade Sun Life Stadium.

But the renovation plan, negotiated over several late nights by Mayor Carlos Gimenez and approved by a majority of commissioners, came up anyway -- obliquely.

During a discussion over a vending-machine contract, Commissioner Esteban "Steve" Bovo lamented that the contract had come up at two previous meetings "for nothing," because his colleagues and the administration were now changing their minds.

"I sympathize with that," Gimenez said. "I just went through a process for nothing also."

Commissioners, understanding the Dolphins reference, chuckled. Chairwoman Rebeca Sosa joked that Bovo, who had opposed the stadium-renovation deal, should say no more. But he did.

"We're much richer because of it," Bovo said.

The Dolphins made a nearly $4.8 million nonrefundable payment to the county for a referendum that was ultimately canceled. Miami-Dade expects more than $1 million will be left over to spend elsewhere.

Said Gimenez: "You can thank me later for that."


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Tea Party is Obsolete

Yet the Tea Party claims that Stephen Ross and the Dolphins do nothing for "taxpayers".


The commissioner's and the mayor's remarks were totally inappropriate, given the manner in which the entire deal went down. One day soon we will wake up and understand that this is a major deal, not one to be giggled about.


You are correct but what would you expect from a Mayor with no experience, education nor class to run a banana store.

Here is a thought Mayor Gimenez why don't you use the windfall from the stadium referendum debacle as a down payment for a nice NEW Bear Cut Bridge.

One wide enough so you and all your rude cyclist friends can ride on without interrupting traffic into Key Biscayne.

It would be the only fair thing to do since the Toll Trust cannot show us where all the Rickenbacker toll money collected in the past few years has gone.


please Dolphins move from this third world nation known as Miami. The world's vomit spot for those that dwell as "citizens" and politians alike


PS "the raw truth about power and ambition in Florida" you are a bunch of pretentious hypocrites. the raw truth, ha, you delete the raw posts to your dumb articles because it doesn't fit what you liberal media hacks want to hear. you should be just as ashamed as these dirty politians. both groups are destroying this country.


The only good thing the Miami Herald is good for is to wrap spoiled FISH!
They will probably delete this post because its "OFFENSIVE".
The Heralds biased articles and our corrupt politicians are the only thing offensive thing is this town.
I wish i could delete them!

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