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Nan Rich questions Will Weatherford's manhood


Bearing the subject line "Is there a man in the House?" here's a press release from former state Senate Democratic leader Nan Rich, a candidate for governor:

Two weeks have passed since ceremonial handkerchiefs signaled the end of the legislative session.  But not one signal yet that the Governor will call a special session to pressure House Speaker Weatherford into passing Medicaid expansion.

Meanwhile, more than 1 million Floridians are left without healthcare coverage.

Clearly there’s no urgency on the part of the Speaker or the Governor to take action.  Maybe, just maybe, that’s because both of them are covered by great health insurance plans – plans that are heavily subsidized by the taxpayers.

In fact, Speaker Weatherford and members of the House only have to pay $8.34 a month for their personal coverage and a piddling $30 a month to cover their entire family.

What’s really outrageous is that the plan Speaker Weatherford supported in lieu of Medicaid expansion would have required the poorest Floridians to pay 3 times as much for less healthcare coverage than he pays for his healthcare coverage!

Florida is 50th (worst in the nation) in the ranking of uninsured adults and 48th in the ranking of uninsured children. That’s unconscionable.

And now, as a result of the stubbornness and shortsightedness of Speaker Weatherford and the lack of leadership of Governor Scott, Florida may lose $51 billion of Federal funds (our tax dollars) that are available for the expansion of Medicaid.

Mr. Weatherford, it’s time for you to “man up” and do the right thing!  Put your Tea-Party politics aside long enough to serve the needs of over 1 million uninsured Floridians.  Pass Medicaid expansion – as it is meant to be – according to the Affordable Care Act – the law of the land.

As Governor, I would immediately call the legislature back into Special Session and keep them there until they passed a bill that adequately addressed Medicaid expansion.

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We can do better.  We must do better.



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Honestly Nan Rich calling you out is about as significant as being called out by a member of the Mosquito Control board. She was as horribly inefficient member of the Legislature who never passed a significant piece of legislation.

If someone serious like Bill Nelson, Alex Sink or Buddy Dyer said something people might actually listen.


You go girl!

Julia Dawson

@Amanda - If Nelson, Sink or Dyer were "serious" as you put it, why didn't one of them speak up for 1 million uninsured residents; why didn't one of them call out Weatherford's self-serving stubbornness and Scott's cluelessness. A politician distinguishes her/himself as serious by speaking up for those who are being denied healthcare by irresponsible legislators - not by standing by and saying nothing when people are suffering.


Amanda is someone working for Corrupted Crist.


Crist has no balls on anything. He is the reason I will change my party and hold all donations from the party.

Corrupt corrupt corrupt

M.A. Salfinger

Weatherford is brainless and has no balls. He is a pathetic little man.


While I agree with Sen. RICH'S position, I find it ironic and hypocritical that its ok to comment on his "manhood," while if he was elected governor and somebody said the same about her "womanhood" over a political disagreement she would be screaming "war on women" and stirring up the troops.

Kat Trabert

Guess what; I'll gladly take the $8.34 cost per month over my teacher retirement amount of $476~ Ridiculous!


Will Weatherfuck is not a man, it's a robot. Only a robot could show such a lack of emotion and care.


Ms. Rich, you don't have to point out the outlandish, selfish behavior of some of Fla's legislatures - that belittles you. You have solutions for the people, that's what they want to hear about, they know what they got, they want to hear about what they, and you, want!!!

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