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Scott ready to give green light to texting bill?

A signing ceremony for the texting while driving bill (SB 52) has been set for 2-3 p.m. May 28th in Miami, according to an email listed on Project Sunburst, a website that displays executive staff emails in the Governor’s office, but Jackie Schutz, a spokesman for Gov. Rick Scott, wouldn't confirm the information.

She said the governor hasn’t yet received the bill and he is still "reviewing the legislation.

"There’s nothing to announce,” Schutz said.

Other emails on Sunburst noted signings for a few other bills, including HB 705 relating to economic development on June 3 in West Palm Beach and HB 1129, requiring care of infants born alive during a failed abortion, on June 5th somewhere in the Panhandle.

The texting bill, which was passed by the Senate May 2, would make texting while driving a secondary offense, which means a motorist would have to commit another offense, such as careless driving or speeding, in order to be pulled over. Once stopped, a driver could receive two tickets, one for the first infraction and one for texting. The penalty would be $30 for a first-time texting offense, a nonmoving violation. A driver would pay a $60 fine and be assessed three points if caught texting while driving again within five years, with more points added if the violation is in a school zone or another serious offense.


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Fed Up

This crew can't even get a simple bill signing right! Seriously, what is the big deal with this texting bill? If Scott hasn't read this bill by now then what is he doing? Oh I forgot he has been busy with his "victory tours."

Does Scott ever read a bill or does he have his out of state Jindal employees read them and then tell him what to do?

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