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The "Rubio Amnesty" ripped in National Review


Mark Krikorian, perhaps the most-eloquent and thoughtful immigration hardliner, breaks down the Senate immigration bill and Sen. Marco Rubio's involvement in it in the National Review:

With its Obamacare-style expanse and complexity, the bill contains much more than what is sketched above. Democrats packed it with as many loopholes and immigration-lawyer schemes as they thought they could get away with. Rubio’s staff, like most GOP Senate staff, are relative amateurs on immigration, while Schumer’s people are pros. This is how Ted Kennedy dominated immigration policy for so long. (The House GOP committee staff on immigration, on the other hand, are professionals with long experience.)

Opposition to the bill should be the obvious position for conservatives who care about immigration enforcement and don’t want to open the spigots even wider to low-skilled immigration. Whatever the discrepancies between Rubio’s assurances and the reality of the bill, though, he has now lashed himself to it. His convoluted justifications for various provisions suggest that he’s decided to do what he must to sell it. He’s made the laughable argument that the bill doesn’t give anything new to illegal immigrants because they can already return home and apply to come here legally. (This sounds a lot like what Mitt Romney called “self-deportation.”) He’s claimed that amnesty must precede enforcement because the enforcement measures would throw millions of illegals out of work, creating a humanitarian crisis. In fact, the three security triggers, if enacted on their own, would have only a gradual impact on the existing illegal population.

In the months leading up to the introduction of S.744, conservatives looked hopefully to Rubio as their representative on the Gang of Eight, someone who would make sure its plan didn’t turn out to be a call for de facto open borders. Early on, Rubio may well have seen that as his role. But he is now much less the conservative ambassador to the Gang of Eight than the Gang’s ambassador to conservatives.


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Benito Camelo

The GOP can't handle Hispanics. They don't even like Senator Rubio that was like a saint to them. What the GOP is really scared of is Hispanics becoming American and not voting for them.

The problem

Shoot the republican for trying... and this is why republicans will never win for attempting to come up with a compromise and will continue to be dubbed the party of 'no' as long as they let people like Krikorian dictate their policy positions.

GOP is Anti-Hispanic

Rep. Don Young (R-AK) Reminisces About Hiring ‘Wetbacks’

"My father had a ranch; we used to have 50-60 wetbacks to pick tomatoes,” he said while discussing economic trends of the last few decades. “It takes two people to pick the same tomatoes now. It’s all done by machine.”


Martha Dunstock

How about Mr Rubio disclose his real motivation for pushing immigration? Could it be that he plans to run for office in 2016 or beyond, and is looking to exploit his race the same way president Obama has? Rubio is like any other politician - who is self-serving and pushing legislation that will help him to get votes. In this case, he is choosing to ignore the high unemployment faced by our citizens and instead focus on those who have chosen to come to our country illegally. Answer #1 to this mess- punish any business that hires undocumented workers. Why companies can break the law and hire people with no SS# or stolen SS#'s is beyond me. Answer #2, remove citizenship for children born in the US by foreigners. I would ask ANYONE to explain why this is a good practice, and defend any good that has come from this practice. Answer #3- discontinue all Federal, State and Local benefits for non-Americans. This includes schools, medical care, food stamps and housing. Answer #4, federal penalties for "sanctuary cities" that willfully supporting those illegally coming into, and staying in the US indefinitely.

There is truly no upside for American citizens to allow undocumented immigrants into our country under a new policy. We have laws in place, and they need to be followed before we draft anything new. Politicians and law enforcement are the ones that got us in this mess- and should be the last ones we look to for "Answers".


Marco Rubio should leave the Republican Party. They don't like Hispanics.

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