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Universities anticipate Gov. Rick Scott veto of tuition increase

A 3 percent tuition increase was written into the state budget, but state university leaders aren't banking on that money. Gov. Rick Scott has made it clear that he doesn't support increasing the cost of earning a degree.

Here's a excerpt from an article that will be published in Friday's paper:

Most expect Gov. Rick Scott to veto the modest tuition increase when he signs the state budget into law in the coming weeks.

"He's come out strongly against tuition increases and fee increases, and now will be a time to see if the governor stands by his word," said Brian Goff, the outgoing student body president at the University of South Florida.

Scott hasn't formally received the budget from the Legislature, and when he does he'll have 15 days to decide whether to sign it into law or veto it. But he has been clear where he stands on tuition.

"I do not support any tuition increase," the governor says whenever asked.

There's enough to like in the budget for the state's 12 public universities, even without the money a tuition increase would bring.

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FAMU Students Occupy Rick Scott's Mansion; Governor's Reply Is Kinda Racist

FAMU Students Occupy Rick Scott's Mansion; Governor's Reply Is Kinda Racist

"The white guv bizarrely attempted to quell the mostly black crowd by beginning his speech with some version of: "Hey, I grew up in public housing." To which students protested, "We're not poor!" Scott apparently learned no lessons when a similar speech nearly got him booted from a black legislator's lunch in February."


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