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Will Weatherford refutes Dan Marino: "It's an uphill battle for the Dolphins"


Former Miami Dolphins quarterback Dan Marino told us early today that House Speaker Will Weatherford told him that a measure to subsidize Sun Life stadium's renovations with tax money has "a good chance" of passing the Legislature.

Asked about that, Weatherford had an entirely different recollection. In fact, it might not even get a floor vote in the Florida House. And if it does, there's a strong chance the measure would take a two-thirds vote to pass (a high bar).

Here's Weatherford:

"It was interesting. When he was there, he was talking about autism and autism awareness. He didn't bring up the Dolphins bill. Somebody in the office said something about Dolphins. He said, 'Oh, yeah. By the way. I'm supposed to tell you that I'm in favor of that bill.' And we had a good chuckle about it.

"No. I didn't say whether the bill would pass or die. I said the bill's still alive. Everything's alive until Day 60. But whether or not it passes the Florida House has yet to be seen."

Procedurally, isn't there a high bar for this to come over?

"I would say it's an uphill battle for the Dolphins," Weatherford said.


House Speaker Will Weatherford on what he said to Dan Marino re: Dolphins stadium bill: "I didn't say whether the bill would pass or die."

"It's an uphill battle for the Dolphins,


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Never happy

But tax break for manufacturing doesn't require 2/3 vote???


We should take advice from Marino, the guy who had a kid with another woman, while married, then lied about it....and never won a Super Bowl. Great lobbyist! Stick to what you know dumb dumb , or shall I say stick it to what you know, perv!


Will Weatherford is a true politician never fully honest but not necessarily lying. I am a Republican but i will make sure not to vote for him whenever he comes up for re-election. And that is my choice.

Sam Carrier

Weatherford is an idiot. Screw him.

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