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"Promise broken:" another immigration hardline group bashes Marco Rubio in FL TV ads


And the conservative TV hits keep coming.

Already waffling over his immigration bill (he was kind of for it before he was kind of against it), Florida Sen. Marco Rubio is getting whacked in a new TV ad that Federation for American Immigration Reform announced. It follows Florida ads from Californians for Population Stabilization and a billboard from Floridians for Immigration Enforcement.

The new ads from FAIR (called a "hate group" by immigration advocates) come as the head of its Center for Immigration Studies leader, Mark Krikorian, has excoriated Rubio in the conservative press (e.g., "The Rubio Amnesty" in National Review Online).

Here's the text, replete with an anvil-clang to punctuate "Promise broken."

Remember the broken promises of the 1986 illegal alien amnesty?

Sen. Marco Rubio is making the same promises, like real border security. Promise broken.

No more amnesties for illegal aliens. Promise broken.

Reducing legal immigration so Americans get first crack at jobs. Promise broken.

Ending chain migration and immigrant welfare: Promise broken.

Shouldn't politicians make good on old promises before they make new ones?



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Bunch of racists. They should go back to old Germany where they came from. Hell has a special room for these so called conservatives.

Julio Bananera

Rubio is Cuban and does not represent the interests of real Hispanics (Mexicans). New immigrants add to our economy and should get government benefits when they first arrive to help them getbstarted.

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