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'Are you fat?' 'Are you ugly?' Video captures exchange between Hialeah mayoral candidate, rival's supporter


With election season approaching in Hialeah, a familiar character in the city's cast of political players has already started stirring the pot.

Glenn Rice, a former Hialeah cop who often appears with the mayor in public, harassed mayoral candidate Juan Santana at his home Thursday morning. Santana is challenging current Mayor Carlos Hernandez's re-election bid.

In a video Santana took as he confronted Rice, who was standing on the sidewalk taking his own cellphone video, Rice is shown calling Santana fat, cursing and mocking his candidacy.

 "This is disgusting," Rice said, looking at Santana's house. "How can you represent the people of Hialeah?

Rice, who worked on Hernandez's last campaign, said Santana's home has several code violations. When Santana pressed Rice about whether he was a city employee, Rice would not answer. Once Santana said he was going to call the police, Rice backed off and said he was planning on leaving anyway.

Neither man could be immediately reached for comment.

Watch the video below.



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Juan Santana

Hey I am here for comments

Juan Santana

If any one wants to contract me Juan Santana 305-763-7217

Juan Santana

I will be at the city council meeting this Tuesday 25 of 2013 at 7 pm


Good to see citizens standing up to mob politics. The mayor should be ashamed if hes behind this.




Obviously the incumbent mayor is worried of Mr Santana' strong ties to the community and vast voter following, or else why would he send his political minion out to harass Mr Santana at his home. I only hope that the voters of Hialeah can see through the smoke screen and ignore the smear tactics the other side is employing. I think it is vital that we keep in mind all the people that Mr Santana has helped in the community and judge him on his record and not on the shameful rhetoric the other side produces.

Ed Evans

My name is Edward Evans and I live in Baltimore,Md.I met Juan Santana on Youtube through our reselling group.I can honestly say after buying numerous items from him personally and through ebay, and talking on the phone with him many times,he is the kind of person I would want to represent me and my community.This harassment has taken place many times between Juan and the Hialeah government in the short 16 months Ive known him,so I know it has been a burden to not only him,but his family as well.I wish Mr.Santana the best of luck for not only he and his family,but for the future of Hialeah as well.


Some people are just so messed up and have nothing else to do but to go to someone's home and invade their personal space and property. Not to mention of him video taping you on your property. That is call harassment by a government official or authority figure.


Juan Santana is a stand up guy!!! As a business owner in Illinois I wish we had a guy like this running for mayor.


BOOM-SHAWK-ALACA!!! Juan will show these corrupt bastards how its done son! BOO-YOW.

Get it Done Juan..



As a friend of Candidate Juan Santana I can say with confidence Juan is a stand up man who keeps his word. It's time people wake up to the corruption around them and start nominating people like Juan who have no Political affiliations.

Corruption of our Political system both locally and Federally MUST STOP or we will loose our God Given rights and our FREEDOM! So VOTE Juan Santana this year and make a change in your City!


I have known juan santana for 10+ years and I can defitnetly said he is a great person very motivated and passionate about what he believes in and does. To have people like this man go harass him like that in his own home is just plain dirty and disrespectful. Juan will be a great mayor I know this for a fact. Juan don't let people like this man discourage u from doing what you want.


Juan Santana can bring eBay jobs to Hialeah. He knows how eBay works and people on eBay can vouch for it. If he adds the jobs he can bring to the city, he may be co letting with Rick Perry from Texas and Rick Scott will have to give him those godawful cowboy boots he wears (made in the Naples Country Club). Juan Santana is going to turn Hialeah around. Politicians will not go to Versailles for some Cuban coffee and a photo opp, they will come by the house that Santana built.

Michael B.

This is simply embarrassing. For a campaign to stoop to this level is incredible and is not worthy for consideration. You should be ashamed of yourself Mr. Rice.

I know Mr. Santana personally and I genuinely believe he will be a breath of fresh air to the city of Hialeah and its people.


Good to see someone standing up to some of the crooked cops of Hialeah. I support you Mr. Santana.

Jessica Montanez

Wow it is sad how the mayor of Hialeah has to send out his goon Mr.Glenn Rice to do all the dirty work for him when I moved to the city of Hialeah I thought I wouldn't have to deal with the drama but I guess I do so here u go well as for Glen Rice he is a Hialeah "thug" for the current mayor like his body guard the mayor has wow I never heard of the mayor needing body guards. This is sad because we the people are probably paying for these "thugs" anyways. Well MR.MAYOR I hope u are ready for it because Mr. Juan Santana is going to be the new mayor of this beautiful city.

Debbie Montanrz

Juan, why do they continue to harrass you, they must be worried you may get move votes than them. Just be careful there are some crooked people in that city and I would not put anything past them! Stand up for what you believe in !!

Josh H.

Juan Santana won't put up with this b.s. And neither should the people of Hialeah. Get this guy and his goons out of office and give Mr. Santana the power to stand up for all the people of Hialeah.


This is how Glenn Rice operates. This retired police officer is nothing but a bully. He has his claws sunk into Miramar politics in Broward as well. He even attends meetings that his cohort, Commissioner Alexandra Davis has with city staff in order to intimidate them! During Miramar's election in March, the two of them travelled to the polling locations and berated police, fire and general employee union members who supported the incumbent, Troy Samuels, because they wanted their own person elected (Yvette Colbourne, aka Billy Hardemon's puppet). Rice had his iPhone camera running on election day in hopes of getting a negative comment back from an employee so they would have grounds for dismissal. He also bragged about the number of Samuels' signs he had stolen from his neighborhood. He's one of those people who lives off the taxpayers dollar and spend his time bullying people--a real low life.

What a Joke!

Juan Santana is such a joke! He is no better than these so called politicians. This man is not as kind as everyone believes. I know him personally and know many who will say the same things I am saying. Steer clear of this man. He is a fraud. This man is just as corrupt. I will weep for Hialeah if Juan Santana becomes mayor of my beloved Hialeah. This man claims to not be able to work because of an accident that happened four years ago and trust me, he is perfectly fine. I see him everyday. He is a lazy slob who abuses his relationships with the people around him. Hialeah, save yourselves from this man!

Mandrake El Mago

Chico,que casualidad que la mayoria de los post tiene casi la misma hora.8:45,8:46,8:50 etc.Jaja este gordo es tremendo cara de lata y el mismo se escribe usando nombres falsos para apoyarse a el mismo.Que clase de descarado es este elefantico.

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