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Back home, Scott brags of Heat win at Texas' expense

A jet-lagged Gov. Rick Scott arrived back in Florida Friday after a week-long trade mission in France, drumming up business at the Paris Air Show. With his wife Ann at his side, Scott met briefly with reporters at Tallahassee Regional Airport.

For Scott, the Miami Heat's NBA champinship victory in Game 7 of the finals Thursday was even better because it came at the expense of a team in Texas, the home of Scott's alter ego, Gov. Rick Perry.

"It's great that they beat the Spurs and it's especially even nicer that they beat a Texas team," Scott said. "I haven't talked to Gov. Perry yet but I'm going to make sure he knows how that score came out."

Scott touted the planned move by a French firm, Vision Systems, to establish a U.S. base in Melbourne with about 40 jobs, as well as a Virginia aerospace firm, firm, ATR North America, that plans to add 40 jobs in Miami Springs.

He sidestepped several questions about his search for a lieutenant governor, the latest Quinnipiac poll numbers that show slight improvement in his popularity, and about whether he'll sign a bill that bans people with mental health issues from getting guns. "We're still reviewing it," Scott said of the bill (HB 1355).

Scott's next trade mission is planned for November, when he plans to go to Japan.

-- Steve Bousquet


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Nothing like a geek governor awkwardly talking smack to reinforce our perception of his profound weirdness.


Scott is full of crap. Why does anyone pay attention to him is beyond me. Can't wait to have a new governor.

Can't take anymore

Without the leadership of Rick Scott and his support of corporate tax cuts the Miami Heat would never have made the playoffs much less won the title. He is the source of all things bright and beautiful that happen in Florida. This is why the Republican Party is willing to spend at least $100 million for his re-election campaign. Because they care.

Mike C.

I bet Scott could not tell you what is in that gun bill. Ask him how many HE reads and how many he just does what the Louisiana connection tells him to sign.

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