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In election scandal, Rep. Joe Garcia targeted in NRCC Spanish-language radio ads


The National Republican Congressional Committee announced it's running Spanish-language ads on three Miami stations bashing Democratic Rep. Joe Garcia for the election scandal that engulfed his office (some background here).

The script:

"Voter alert.  Political corruption and fraud are looking to plague our community. The Chief of Staff for Congressman Joe Garcia and his campaign manager are being investigated for carrying out an unprecedented plan to falsify hundreds of absentee ballot requests with the intention of manipulating Garcia's election. What's Garcia's reaction?  He says it was a well-intentioned effort.  A well-intentioned effort?  Committing fraud?  Garcia had the nerve to say that it's all part of how we do politics in our community.  No Mr. Garcia, fraud is not acceptable in our community and it's shameful for you to say that.  Call Joe Garcia today. Tell him that we are tired of the corruption and the fraud.  If he can't tell us the truth, the right thing to do is resign.

"The National Republican Congressional Committee paid for and is responsible for the content of this advertising. Not authorized by any candidate or candidate's committee

Here it is in Spanish:

Alerta al votante.  La  corrupción política  y el fraude buscan plagar a nuestra comunidad. El Jefe de Despacho del  Congresista  Joe García  y su jefe de campaña están siendo investigados por llevar a cabo un plan sin precedente para falsificar cientos de solicitudes de boletas ausentes con la intención de manipular la elección de García.  ¿Cuál ha sido la reacción de García?  Dijo que fue un esfuerzo  "bien intencionado".  ¿!?Un esfuerzo bien intencionado?!?  ¿Cometer fraude?   García tuvo la osadía de decir que todo esto es parte de cómo hacemos política en nuestra comunidad.   No Señor García, el fraude no es aceptable en nuestra comunidad y es una vergüenza que diga eso.  Llame hoy a Joe García.  Dígale que estamos cansados de la corrupción y el fraude.  Si no nos puede decir la verdad, lo correcto es que renuncie.

El Comité  Nacional Congresional  Republicano pago por este anuncio y es responsable por su contenido.  No autorizado por ningún candidato ni comité de candidato.


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Consultants in DC have to get paid. Ads are a pretty penny.

Robert Jenkins

So their guy cheating is okay??? Florida is actually known as the most politically corupt State in this Union of ours. It has been so, as long as politics has existed. The coup in the Bush V. Gore election said just how Florida politics affected the entire world. As to the results of this coup; We invaded Iraq, we started to openly violate the Geneva Convention, it seems we continue in that vane yet today. Who ever said all politics is local; doesn't understand poltics!!!


If it was about cheating in Florida, the NRCC would spend money on the governor's race.

Carole Smith

Florida has nothing on Illinois Robert. Chicago has been a corrupted entity since it's infancy.

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